Nordcurrent’s Gintarė Maraulė on her transition from e-commerce to mobile gaming | Pocket

Mobile advertising company Liftoff has organized a discussion featuring inspiring women in the mobile gaming industry to talk about their achievements, challenges, and future goals. In this installment, the spotlight is on Gintarė Maraulė, the Head of Digital Marketing at Nordcurrent. Previously a Digital Project Manager in e-commerce, Maraulė was initially intrigued by the idea of combining elements of e-commerce with video games. She did extensive research on the gaming industry and how it generates revenue, becoming familiar with the concept of e-commerce gamification. This involves integrating video game elements into marketing strategies to entertain users and influence their behavior.

One example of e-commerce gamification is the LEGO Playgrounds app on its website, which features online mini-games and videos. M&Ms also offers an online tool where visitors can build customized chocolate treats and merchandise. Maraulė quickly realized that the same logic used to acquire new players in gaming can be applied to other industries as well.

In August 2022, Maraulė joined Nordcurrent as their Head of Digital Marketing, transitioning from desktop to mobile marketing. She was surprised by how much she had to leave behind and learn anew. The switch involved working with a different user base and implementing distinct strategies for mobile campaigns. For instance, while SEO was crucial for her work in e-commerce, mobile gaming required a different approach called app store optimization (ASO) to boost visibility.

The learning curve was steep, but Maraulė is thriving in her new role, thanks to her talented team in Nordcurrent’s Lithuania headquarters. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration and the way it contributes to their success. One of the advantages of mobile marketing is the opportunity for creativity. With smartphones in everyone’s hands, there is immense potential to experiment and bring innovative ideas to life to stand out from the competition.

As a woman in the gaming industry, Maraulė sometimes faces the challenge of convincing others that her gaming skills are separate from her ability to succeed in her role. However, she believes that in this day and age, pursuing a career in gaming is not limited by gender. Females make up the majority of the mobile gaming market, according to a survey by Ampere Analysis, but the gaming industry workforce remains predominantly male. Maraulė encourages women interested in the gaming industry to pursue their dreams without hesitation.