Quake 2 Ultimate Strogg Edition Includes Mini Adrianator Ship, Physical Pre-Orders Go Live Soon

Quake 2 Physical Edition Announced Alongside Digital Release

In an unexpected turn of events, Quake 2, the highly anticipated game, was leaked and prematurely rated before its planned announcement at QuakeCon. Adding to the surprise, the game made an early appearance on the PlayStation Store for both PS5 and PS4. Bethesda Softworks, however, kept one piece of information under wraps—the upcoming physical edition of Quake 2. This edition will be available in three variants: standard edition, Special Edition, and Ultimate Strogg Edition. The Ultimate Strogg Edition even includes a mini Adrianator ship.

Pre-orders for the Quake 2 Ultimate Strogg Edition Begin Soon

Starting at 10 a.m. ET on August 11, pre-orders for all three editions of Quake 2—standard, Special Edition, and Ultimate Strogg Edition—will be available on Limited Run Games. The standard edition is compatible with PS5, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, the Special Edition and Ultimate Strogg Edition are compatible with all the aforementioned platforms as well as PC.

The standard edition of the game will include a region-free disc for PS5, PS4, and Xbox, or a region-free physical cartridge for Nintendo Switch. Its price is set at $34.99.

The Quake 2 Special Edition, priced at $84.99, features the following items:

  • Physical Copy of Quake II
  • Quake II Two-Piece Collector’s Box
  • Quake II SteelBook
  • Reversible 18″x24″ Poster
  • Briefing Document
  • Dog Tags

For the more enthusiastic fans, the Ultimate Strogg Edition will be available at a higher price point of $149.99. This edition includes the following items:

  • Physical copy of Quake II
  • Quake II Strogg Collector’s Box
  • Quake II Special Edition Two-Piece Collector’s Box
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Quake II SteelBook
  • Reversible 18″x24″ Poster
  • Mini Metal Adrianator Ship
  • Military Service Challenge Coin
  • Combat Service Patch
  • Briefing Document
  • Dog Tags

Pre-orders will be available until September 10, 2023. Limited Run has stated that it may take four to six months after the pre-order window closes for players to receive their game. However, for those who can’t wait, the digital version of Quake 2 remaster is already available for purchase.