Golf Club: Wasteland forced to change name four years after launch | Pocket

Demagog Studios’ Golf Club: Wasteland Renamed to Golf Club Nostalgia

Demagog Studios’ popular game, Golf Club: Wasteland, has undergone a name change due to an intellectual property dispute. The studio announced the renaming on their Steam page, where the game has been available since 2021. Golf Club: Wasteland originally debuted on iOS and Android in 2018 and received a positive review from Although the name change is unexpected, it is necessary to comply with intellectual property laws and ensure a fair approach to all parties involved.

The official announcement reads, “We have an important announcement to make that we hope you will understand and support. Due to a legal claim, we have been compelled to change the title of our beloved game, transforming it to ‘Golf Club Nostalgia.’ The decision to rename the game was made with careful consideration, in compliance with intellectual property laws and to ensure a fair and respectful approach towards all parties involved. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause, but please know that we made this decision with the best interests of the game and our community in mind.”

The studio reassures players that the essence of the game and its core gameplay experience remain unchanged. Only the name has been adjusted to resolve the legal dispute. Players can expect the same immersive and enjoyable gaming experience they have come to love.


Demagog Studios does not provide specific details about the intellectual property dispute that led to the name change. However, it is worth noting that similar disputes have occurred in the past, such as the case between Candy Crush Saga creator King and the creators of Banner Saga. In that case, the game was able to retain its original title. While it is uncertain where exactly the dispute lies for Golf Club: Wasteland, this change presents a frustrating situation for Demagog Studios.

It is hoped that the impact of the name change will be minimal since the game is already established on mobile and PC platforms. This situation serves as a reminder of the potential complications that can arise from intellectual property disputes and the associated legal actions.