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Review of Homeworld: Vast Reaches

After an eight-year drought, the release of two Homeworld games, Homeworld 3 and Homeworld: Vast Reaches, seemed like a miracle. However, Homeworld: Vast Reaches, initially launched as a Meta Quest exclusive before coming to PC VR, falls short of expectations as a VR experience. The single-player campaign is brief and lacks depth, leaving players craving more strategic and visually stunning space battles.

Storyline and Characters

The game fills in the gaps between Homeworld and Homeworld 2, focusing on the Hiigarans defending themselves against bureaucrats enforcing obscure interstellar agreements. While the villains may seem absurd, they are easy to despise. The introduction of a new commander, from a different Hiigaran family, adds a fresh dynamic to the storyline. Despite some surprising plot twists, the impact on gameplay is minimal.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Controlling the fleet in Vast Reaches is underwhelming compared to previous Homeworld games. The mechanics are overly simplified, lacking the complexity and depth of its predecessors. Combat in the game moves at a rapid pace, often resulting in ships being destroyed too quickly, detracting from the feel of commanding a massive fleet. The lack of detailed ship animations and turrets is disappointing.

Repetitive Gameplay

Skirmishes become repetitive due to the straightforward enemy AI and lack of micromanagement options. The game relies heavily on waiting for cooldown abilities, with limited strategic depth in battles. Unlocking new ship abilities adds temporary advantages but does not significantly impact gameplay.

Game Content and Duration

The campaign is relatively short, lasting about six to eight hours. Once completed, there is a lack of additional content such as multiplayer or skirmish modes. The limited replay value diminishes the overall gaming experience.


Homeworld: Vast Reaches falls short in delivering a compelling VR experience for fans of the series. The simplistic gameplay mechanics and lack of depth in battles make it a disappointing addition to the Homeworld franchise. Despite some positive aspects in storytelling and character development, the overall gameplay experience is underwhelming.