What Are the Waffle Answers Today? (August 12, 2023)

Waffle Answers: Daily Solutions for August 12, 2023

Waffle is a game that challenges players to find words within a limited amount of time by swapping tiles strategically. Today, we have the answers for you.

Today’s (August 12, 2023) Waffle Answers Are…

Here are the answers to today’s Daily Waffle:

  • Word 1: UNFED
  • Word 2: UNTIL
  • Word 3: THUMB
  • Word 4: LAGER
  • Word 5: FLUNG
  • Word 6: DEBAR

We have created a helpful method to assist you with Waffle on a daily basis. The image below shows each word numbered, making it easier for you to solve the Waffle and earn stars:

Image Credit: Waffle / Twinfinite

Yesterday’s Waffle Answers

The answers to yesterday’s (August 11, 2023) Daily puzzle were:

  • Word 1: SUEDE
  • Word 2: SNACK
  • Word 3: ACUTE
  • Word 4: KITTY
  • Word 5: ERUPT
  • Word 6: ELEGY

How To Play Waffle

Waffle may seem more complex than other word-based daily brainteasers, but once you grasp the challenge, it becomes a fun and easy game to play.

You will be given a scrambled grid of letters in the shape of a waffle, with six words to figure out. The colors of the tiles are significant: green indicates that the letter is in the correct position, yellow indicates that it is in the word but needs to move within the word, and grey indicates that it is not part of the current word.

With only fifteen moves available, it is crucial to use your moves wisely and unscramble the words as quickly as possible. Each unused move earned when the words are correct will reward you with a star.

Every game can be completed in a minimum of ten moves. If you use all fifteen moves without solving the game, you have not completed it quickly enough and have failed the daily challenge. Don’t worry though, use what you’ve learned to tackle tomorrow’s puzzle.

That’s the answer to today’s Waffle and everything you need to know about the game. If you enjoy playing Waffle, be sure to check out our guides to Digits, Wordle, and Jumble for more daily brainteasers to add to your routine.