Baldur’s Gate 3 Pandirna – How To Help & Heal Tiefling

Pandirna, the Tiefling NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3, presents players with an important choice related to the search for the Drow Poison. Guarding locked crates at the Emerald Grove, Pandirna is unable to move due to paralyzed legs. With potential consequences hanging in the balance, it is crucial to determine the best course of action. This guide will help you decide whether or not to help and heal Pandirna.

Should You Help Pandirna in Baldur’s Gate 3?

How to Heal Pandirna in BG3

Since Pandirna is unable to use her legs after consuming a potion meant to strengthen her, ensuring the correct choice becomes crucial. Although the difference between helping or not helping Pandirna may not be significant, choosing to help will make it easier to obtain the Cabinet Key from the crates and open the Alchemist’s Cabinet in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here are the dialogue options you will encounter when interacting with Pandirna:

  • I’m just looking around.
  • [Insight] Study her face and try to read her emotions.
  • [Persuasion] Don’t worry. I’m here to help.
  • [Deception] I’m afraid I can’t. I’ve been placed in charge of this area.
  • [Intimidation] Hush, girl. Another word and I’ll snap your neck.
  • Attack her.

If you choose “I’m just looking around” or “Attack her,” Pandirna will eventually scream for the guards, leading to further complications. While the Intimidation option prevents her from calling for help, the conversation ends without the opportunity to loot the crates. The best choice for looting the crates behind Pandirna is to select the Deception option. While Insight and Persuasion also work, Deception has proven to be most effective. With luck, you will secure the Drow Poison and other contents.

How to Heal Pandirna in BG3

If your intention is to heal Pandirna in BG3, the Lesser Restoration spell is required. Shadowheart is the most suitable party member to perform this task, so enlisting her help is advisable. It’s important to note that healing Pandirna alone will not grant you access to the crates. You will need to make your move while she is not looking in the direction of the crates.

That concludes our guide on how to help Pandirna in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more useful guides, be sure to check out our dedicated section for Baldur’s Gate 3 at Gamer Tweak.