Everspace 2: “Everyone Gets a Better Game Because of Xbox Game Pass” 

Humans have always been fascinated by space and the possibilities it holds. From imagining interstellar colonization to envisioning a future where Earth is just one stop on our cosmic adventures, the allure of the unknown is undeniable. When it comes to sequels, the standard expectation is that they will be bigger and better than their predecessors. However, Everspace 2 breaks that mold. While the first game was a roguelike, the sequel takes a different approach as a full open-world action-RPG.

In an interview with Rockfish CEO, Michael Schade, we learn that the decision to switch genres was driven by creative direction and resources. The team behind the original Everspace had always envisioned an open-space action RPG, but budget constraints led them to compromise and create a roguelike instead. The success of the first game allowed Rockfish to develop a prototype for Everspace 2 and fully embrace their initial vision.

The shift from a roguelike to an open-world game made sense for Everspace 2. The procedural generation of levels in the original game, along with the constant pressure to move forward, made it difficult to tell a cohesive story. In Everspace 2, players can explore different star systems at their own pace, allowing for a more immersive narrative experience. Each system has its own distinct feel and offers unique opportunities for discovery and exploration.

Space For Everyone

Everspace 2 stands out among other space simulator games due to its approachability. While it still offers customization and decision-making, it presents these aspects in a digestible way, avoiding complex management systems. The controls are intuitive, especially when playing with a controller, and the gameplay seamlessly blends intense space combat with deep exploration.

Rockfish was prepared for this shift, as the user experience was designed with console users in mind. While the space simulation genre is known for its complexity and demanding list of features, Everspace 2 focuses on the gameplay aspects that happen on planets and in orbit. This deliberate choice allows the team to create unique and handcrafted experiences without overwhelming development constraints.

Everspace 2 isn’t aiming to compete with other games in the genre. Instead, it serves as an entry point, introducing players to the world of space games and encouraging them to explore other titles in the future. The more variety there is in the genre, the better it is for everyone, according to Schade.

The success of the original Everspace, combined with a partnership with ID@Xbox and launching on Game Pass, provided Rockfish with additional time and resources to perfect Everspace 2. The team was able to add another year to the development plans, resulting in a game that is ready to be enjoyed by players on Xbox Series X|S.

Everspace 2 is set to launch tomorrow on Xbox Series X|S and is available to play with Game Pass.