Where to Find Cigar Boxes in Warzone DMZ

Warzone Season 5: Best Cigar Box Locations in DMZ

With the launch of Warzone Season 5, players are on the lookout for Cigar Boxes, which play a crucial role in completing various challenges in the game’s DMZ extraction mode. If you’re wondering where to find the best Cigar Box locations in DMZ, look no further.

DMZ Cigar Box Locations

Season 5 of DMZ has introduced several changes, but the location of Cigar Boxes remains unchanged. Unfortunately, there are no fixed spawn points for these items. In other words, we cannot pinpoint a specific box, crate, bag, or cache where players can reliably find Cigar Boxes.

However, we have observed that Cigar Boxes are still particularly common on Ashika Island, the map initially introduced in the Resurgence BR mode. As Ashika Island is one of DMZ’s Exclusion Zones, looting in this area often yields Cigar Boxes.

Specifically, Cigar Boxes can frequently be found in First Aid Kits, Medical Boxes, and Bathroom Cabinets. It’s unclear why they are more prevalent in these medical supply caches, but they are. Therefore, we recommend focusing on loot-heavy buildings in areas like Town Center and Oganikku Farms on Ashika Island. In fact, we managed to find two Cigar Boxes in Oganikku Farms, as shown in the image below. These boxes are small rectangular items worth $100 in-game.

Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

Although Cigar Boxes have low value, they are essential for ranking up certain aspects of your Active Duty Operator, such as Wallet and Contraband Stash sizes. This is why they are in high demand in Season 5.

In addition to Ashika Island, players have reported finding Cigar Boxes in other exclusion zones, including Al Mazrah and Vondel. While we haven’t personally found them in Vondel, we have come across them in the following locations within Al Mazrah:

  • Captain Silver’s Briefcase in the Sattiq Cave Complex (key required)
  • Al Sharim Pass POI

Overall, your best bet for finding Cigar Boxes in Warzone DMZ is to focus on Ashika Island. Now you have all the information you need to locate these valuable items. Don’t forget to equip yourself with the best loadouts for Season 5!

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