Babylon 5: The Road Home Review

Babylon 5: The Road Home – An Animated Nostalgia Trip for Fans

The long-awaited release of Babylon 5: The Road Home is finally here, giving fans of the beloved series something to celebrate. After years of waiting and facing obstacles from unnamed Warner Brothers executives, series creator J. Michael Straczynski has triumphed with the first new entry in the franchise since 2007. The Road Home, an animated movie, pays tribute to the loyal fanbase and features the return of the original cast. While it plays it safe with its universe-hopping storyline, the movie effectively utilizes the memorable characters that fans know and love.

The Multiverse Traipse of President Sheridan

With nearly two decades between The Lost Tales and The Road Home, some of the original cast members are no longer with us. However, animation allows Straczynski to bring these characters back to life with new voices and without any restrictions or recasting. The highlight of the movie is its nostalgic journey through President John Sheridan’s life, as he navigates alternate timelines and reconnects with familiar faces from the B5 canon. While the multiverse storyline may not be the most original approach, it serves as a heartfelt homage to everything that has come before.

A Stellar Cast and Stunning Animation

The Road Home features a stellar cast, with Bruce Boxleitner reprising his role as President Sheridan. The voice actors bring wit and gravitas to their respective characters, capturing their essence perfectly. Director Matt Peters and supervising producer Rick Morales, both experienced in WB Animation, breathe new life into Babylon 5 with their energetic animation style. The mix of 2D and 3D animation revitalizes the space station, spaceships, and alien species. The animation’s impact is particularly notable in the battle scenes, which feel more intense, and the world-building, which appears more vibrant and impressive.

The movie’s mix of 2D and 3D animation infuses new life into the familiar space station, the classic spaceships, and the alien species

Nostalgia and Potential for the Future

As an introduction to the world of Babylon 5, The Road Home successfully catches viewers up with the mythology and characters. However, as a standalone film, it prioritizes looking back over moving forward, potentially disappointing those craving new adventures. Nevertheless, the movie’s emotional story centered around President Sheridan’s love for Delenn serves as a fitting tribute to their character arcs. Furthermore, it leaves room for the possibility of future classic Babylon 5 stories, creating anticipation among fans.