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Blockchain Infrastructure Service Stardust Launches Wallets-as-a-Service

Stardust, a blockchain infrastructure service, is introducing a new program called Wallets-as-a-Service. This program aims to provide easy access to cryptocurrency features for web3 game developers. The goal is to eliminate barriers that developers face on all platforms. Usually, players need a crypto “wallet” to access features like cryptocurrency tokens or NFTs. However, most players don’t already have these wallets, so Stardust wants to streamline the onboarding process and create a standardized method to make adoption easier.

In 2022, Stardust raised over $30 million for their project, showing optimism for the future of web3. Canaan Linder, the CEO of Stardust, stated that their product will help game developers onboard millions of players quickly and seamlessly. Games built with blockchain can then scale faster to match their non-blockchain counterparts.

Removing Barriers in Web3

One of the major challenges for web3 game developers is the adoption of unfamiliar technology that may be problematic for users. Stardust aims to address this issue by introducing a system where players can join a blockchain game as easily as opening an app. This applies to mobile platforms as well.

Mobile game developer Zynga, known for the hit game Farmville on Facebook, is just one example of a developer implementing web3 technology in their games. The success of games like Zynga’s Sugartown will no longer depend on players’ willingness to open crypto-wallets, but rather on the unique experiences these games offer.