Chainsaw Man phone cases: How to pre-order

Mobile Accessories Manufacturer Casetify Announces Collaboration with Chainsaw Man

Mobile accessories manufacturer Casetify has recently been making waves with its collaborations, producing phone cases and other mobile accessories inspired by popular properties like The Mandalorian and Neon Genesis Evangelion. The company is now set to release a new lineup of mobile accessories based on Pochita and other characters from the hit anime and manga series Chainsaw Man, starting on August 22. However, these products come at a price, with some items priced as high as $72.

The standout item in the collection is an AirPods case designed to resemble the cute, orange spud. The lineup also includes accessories featuring Denji, Makima, Aki, Power, Kobeni, and the protagonist, Chainsaw Man himself.

Following the pattern of Casetify’s previous collaborations, this collection of accessories is expected to cater to users of popular flagship mobile devices from Apple, Samsung, and Google (excluding the Pixel Fold). The range will include not only phone cases, but also MagSafe wallets, Apple Watch bands, iPad and MacBook skins, and more.

Casetify, Tatsuki Fujimoto

Although pre-orders are not available at the moment, you can join the priority list on the Casetify website for a chance to be among the first to purchase these accessories. Apple iPhone users can also sign up directly using the Casetify Colab app.