How to escape in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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You find yourself waking up, hung in a basement. The first question that comes to mind is: What do I do now? This is the dilemma faced by players in their first match of the game Texas Chain Saw Massacre. As a victim, your objective is to escape from the clutches of the three Family members. But how do you accomplish this? Let’s delve into the methods and strategies you can employ to successfully escape and emerge victorious in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

All Possible Exits and Escape Routes in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Irrespective of the map you find yourself in within this online survival horror game, there are a few primary ways to make your exit. These escape methods involve turning a pressure valve, using a fuse box, or shutting off the generator or car battery. If you’re new to the game, these options might seem overwhelming. Therefore, let’s explore each escape method in further detail.

How To Escape In Texas Chain Saw Massacre Fuse

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The Fuse Box and Fuse Exit

Escape in Texas Chain Saw Massacre requires more than just a single task. In most maps, you’ll come across Fuses and Fuse Boxes. By repairing the Fuse Box, you can open an exit door located in the basement. The Fuse Box will be above ground, while the door it connects to is located in the basement.

To repair the Fuse Box, you must find a Fuse. This object can be found anywhere on the map, much like other items. You’ll often find the Fuse attached to another Fuse Box, but not the one you need. Retrieve the Fuse from wherever you find it and use it to repair the designated Fuse Box. Once you have successfully opened the Fuse Box and placed the Fuse inside, you’ll encounter a slightly complex puzzle. Despite the instructions being somewhat convoluted, the puzzle is actually easier than you might think.

How To Escape In Texas Chain Saw Massacre Fuse Box

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There are two rows, each containing circles of different colors and numbers. On the left side, you’ll see six circles with their respective colors and numbers. Your task is to place two circles of the same color that match the color and add up to the number inside the box. Repeat the process for the second row.

For instance, in the above image, you’re required to find two yellow circles that add up to nine. I simply selected the yellow six and the yellow three, which combine to equal nine. As for the red circle, the choice was easier as there were only two red circles available. After successfully repairing the Fuse Box, waste no time in making your way to the basement. Although the basement door is now open, it will eventually lock itself again if you don’t act swiftly.

How To Escape In Texas Chain Saw Massacre Pressure Valve

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The Pressure Valve Exit

Another common method of escape in Texas Chain Saw Massacre involves turning the pressure valve. In the basement of all maps, you’ll encounter a large pressure tank. The tank simply requires a red valve to be turned. Unfortunately, the valve is usually located elsewhere on the map, typically above ground. Look for the bright red valve connected to other objects.

Retrieve the valve and attach it to the tank, then twist it to open the gate located above ground. This gate will be attached to another large tank. Remember that, much like the previous exit, this gate is only open for a limited amount of time, so quick action is essential.


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The Generator to Road Exit

On the outskirts of all maps, there is an exit along the main road. However, the path is initially blocked by another gate that cannot be lockpicked. To access this exit, follow the yellow cable connected to the gate, leading to a generator.

The generator is easily identifiable as it is bright red. You’ll need to spend some time repeatedly kicking the generator to disable it. Once that task is complete, you’re only one step away from your escape. Ensure that you possess an Unlock Tool, as the gate is still locked manually. By breaking the lock, you’ll achieve your freedom!

car battery

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The Car Battery to Rear Exit

The final escape route in Texas Chain Saw Massacre takes you back to the exterior section of the map. This time, you’ll come across a rear exit connected to a car battery through a yellow cable. The path leading to the exit is electrified, so attempting to unlock the gate is not advisable. Simply interact with the car battery and disable it by detaching the cable. Now, make your way back to the rear exit and unlock the gate using an Unlock Tool to secure your freedom!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available for purchase on Steam.