Xbox Series X console wraps: Where to pre-order

Microsoft Introduces Xbox Series X Console Wraps for Customization

Gamers can now enhance the appearance of their Xbox Series X console with a range of unique accessories. Microsoft has unveiled a small lineup of Xbox Series X console wraps that aim to add a more vibrant aesthetic to the sleek structure of the console. These wraps, priced at $44.99, are currently available for pre-order exclusively from the Microsoft Store. Customers can choose from two options: Arctic or Mineral camo designs. The wraps are scheduled to be shipped out by November 10. In addition, Xbox fans have the option to pre-order a Starfield-themed console wrap for $49.99, which will be made available earlier on October 18.

Easier Application and Non-Permanent Design

Xbox Series X skins have already been available from third-party manufacturers such as Dbrand. However, Microsoft’s official console wraps offer a distinct advantage by being non-permanent and remarkably simple to apply. Each wrap securely encompasses the console using what Microsoft refers to as a “hook and loop” enclosure, ensuring a snug fit around the back of the Series X. The wraps are designed with precise cutouts on the front to facilitate easy access to the power button and disc slot. On the back, there are openings for optimal ventilation, accommodating fans, cords, and expansion cards. Microsoft’s ingenious inclusion of small standoffs on the bottom of each wrap prevents any disruption to the console’s ventilation system.

Customization Options and the Nostalgia Factor

Although the color choices might be somewhat limited upon the release, it is indeed exciting to see Microsoft officially offering customization options for its consoles. This initiative will especially resonate with those who miss the Xbox 360 faceplates era. However, it is important to note that the Xbox Series X console wraps are exclusively designed for the Series X model, and are not compatible with the Series S.