Mayhem Meets Management In Gord, Where The People’s Fate Really Is In Your Hands

Tensions are running high in the camp as the settlement grows larger, food becomes scarce, and the villagers grow increasingly unsettled. The source of their distress is a revolting, pulsating monster lurking in the nearby forest. Even my fastest fisherman is neglecting her duties, spending more time at the camp’s shrine than collecting supplies. While her tendency to catastrophize events is well-known, this time she may have a valid reason to worry. After all, I have just sacrificed her firstborn child in an attempt to appease the repugnant horror.

Welcome to Gord, an adventure-strategy game that combines elements of city building and simulation to create a uniquely grim and horrifying experience. Drawing inspiration from Frostpunk, The Witcher series, and classic real-time strategy games, Gord blends these influences together to create something entirely new. You will take on the role of The Tribe of the Dawn, a small group of settlers tasked with exploring forbidden lands and uncovering their secrets. Survival is paramount, and every villager must contribute to the community’s well-being.

Gord is a game that is deeply influenced by Slavic folklore. To learn more about its creation and what sets it apart from other survival games, we spoke with Stan Just, the Game Director on Gord. Just, who previously worked as an art producer on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, explained that while Gord’s dark fantasy world draws inspiration from similar sources, it is not a direct recreation of Slavic mythology. Instead, the game offers its own adaptation of this ancient lore.

Gord’s story unfolds across 10 campaign missions of increasing complexity. With each mission, your party must rebuild their settlement, providing both a fresh start and an opportunity to reassess your strategies. As you venture deeper into the unknown, you will face countless dangers lurking in the forest, ranging from wolves to the monstrous horror that threatens your camp’s progress. How you respond to these threats will shape the outcome of your story, presenting you with difficult choices to make.

Throughout the game, players will be treated to stunning cinematics that further immerse them in the world of Gord. Just expressed his pride in these cutscenes, as they elevate the narrative and engage players throughout the campaign. With experience creating cutscenes for The Witcher 3 and a team dedicated to quality, Gord delivers high-quality sequences that enhance the storytelling experience.

One of Gord’s standout features is the level of detail in managing your subjects. Instead of treating them as a homogeneous group, each NPC has their own strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. They gain experience in their assigned tasks, hold items that affect their productivity, and can have children who grow up and contribute to the settlement. However, they can also suffer mental and physical afflictions, rendering them less useful. Just believes that this individualized approach to subject management sets Gord apart from other survival-building games and creates a deeper connection between players and their virtual community.

If you’re ready to embark on a dark fantasy adventure and test your moral compass, Gord is now available on Xbox Series X|S. Prepare to face the challenges of building a settlement, managing your subjects, and surviving the treacherous wilderness.

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Gord is a dark-fantasy, adventure-strategy game set in a hostile, forsaken land inspired by Slavic mythology. Besieged by vile creatures, you must build to survive. But to prevail, you must conquer the darkness beyond the gates.

On the orders of the King, you are charged with striking out to make your mark on an untamed world—building and growing settlements in the face of resistance from raiders, monsters and more.

Take command of the Tribe of the Dawn and embrace the ethical complexity of leadership as you shepherd the community — their safety and sanity are your responsibility. Protect them from hunger, disease and trauma. Nurture their faith and train them for battle. In return, they will pledge their loyalty and lay down their lives. In a land that lusts for blood, every family will learn sacrifice. While the gord offers respite, the darkness does not rest.

You must prepare your party, find the courage to explore these forsaken lands, lead the conquest, and carve a path that will shape the kingdom. Wretched creatures and malevolent deities await you, but powerful incantations and skilled combatants give you a fighting chance to bring light to the darkness.