Top 10 Best Old Minecraft YouTubers

Minecraft has been captivating players since its launch in 2009, offering a world of creativity and endless possibilities. One of the key factors in its success is its vibrant community, which has produced an array of content from mods to cinematic experiences. The Minecraft YouTube community, in particular, has played a significant role in shaping the game’s culture and trends. In this article, we will highlight some of the veteran Minecraft YouTubers who have been producing content for the longest time and have witnessed the game’s evolution.

Stampy (Stampylonghead) 2012 – Present

Joseph Garrett, also known as Stampy or Stampylonghead, is a British YouTuber and gamer who has gained widespread recognition for his Minecraft Let’s Play videos. His vibrant and lively character in the game, “Stampy Cat,” has made him an iconic figure in the Minecraft YouTube community. Stampy’s content appeals to a wide range of audiences, particularly younger viewers, with collaborative adventures and intricate narratives set within the expansive world of Minecraft. Alongside his Minecraft videos, Stampylonghead is admired for his dedication to positivity, creativity, and child-friendly content, which has established him as an influential figure in online gaming communities.

DanTDM (TheDiamondMinecart) 2012 – Present

Daniel Middleton, popularly known as DanTDM, is a renowned British YouTuber who primarily focuses on Minecraft content under the alias “TheDiamondMinecart.” Since he started his YouTube journey in 2012, DanTDM’s channel has experienced tremendous growth, making him one of the leading gaming personalities on the platform. In addition to showcasing Minecraft adventures, Dan has diversified his content to include a variety of other games, vlogs, and challenges, attracting a wide fan base of all ages. DanTDM’s vibrant blue hair and friendly personality have made him a recognizable figure, and he has expanded his brand beyond YouTube with live tours, merchandise, and voice acting roles. His commitment to creating engaging and family-friendly content has contributed to his enduring popularity in the online gaming world.

BdoubleO100 2011 – Present

BdoubleO100, also known as Bdubs, has established himself as a prominent figure within the Minecraft YouTube community. He is renowned for his building skills, charismatic personality, and warm sense of humor. Bdubs brings life and stories to his creations, infusing them with intricate details and backstories. His dedication to interacting with his audience in a genuine and entertaining way has garnered him a dedicated fan base over the years. Bdubs continues to inspire viewers with his creativity and remains a beacon of positivity and passion in the Minecraft community.

Xisumavoid 2011 – Present

Xisumavoid, commonly known as Xisuma, holds a pivotal role in the Minecraft community, particularly due to his involvement in the Hermitcraft server. As a long-standing member of the server, Xisuma has made significant contributions with his intricate builds, innovative redstone contraptions, and community-driven projects. He is also celebrated for his behind-the-scenes work, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for players and viewers alike. Xisuma’s “Mythbusting” series, in which he dissects various Minecraft mechanics, has made him a valuable resource for both novice and seasoned players. His calm, methodical, and informative presentation style has earned him the respect of the Minecraft community.

VintageBeef 2011 – Present

VintageBeef, whose real name is Daniel, is a highly regarded figure in the realm of online gaming, particularly known for his captivating Minecraft content on YouTube. As a member of the Mindcrack server, he has gained a reputation for his detailed and creative building projects, as well as his unique and entertaining Let’s Play series. Apart from Minecraft, VintageBeef has ventured into various other games, offering his audience a diverse range of content. What distinguishes him from many other content creators is not only his gaming prowess but also his warm and amiable personality, which has allowed him to cultivate a strong and dedicated community of followers. His influence extends beyond the digital realm, making him a respected figure in the broader gaming community.

EthosLab 2010 – Present

EthosLab, commonly referred to as Etho, is a revered content creator within the Minecraft community. He is known for his intricate contraptions, inventive designs, and deeply insightful gameplay. Etho’s YouTube channel has served as a source of entertainment and education for Minecraft enthusiasts, showcasing his expertise in redstone mechanics, automated systems, and efficient farming setups. His association with the Mindcrack and Hermitcraft servers has further enhanced his prominence. Despite maintaining his privacy, Etho’s genuine and laid-back demeanor, coupled with his analytical approach to gameplay challenges, has earned him a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase.

LDShadowLady 2010 – Present

Elizabeth Dwyer, known as LDShadowLady, is a prominent YouTuber recognized for her Minecraft gaming videos. Since starting her YouTube journey in 2010, LDShadowLady has captivated a vast audience with her unique and colorful approach to the game. Apart from Minecraft, she has played a variety of other games, often incorporating vibrant and imaginative mods to enhance the visual and gameplay experiences for her viewers. Her charismatic personality and love for the gaming community have helped her foster a dedicated fanbase. LDShadowLady has also collaborated with other YouTubers, consolidating her influence in the online gaming world.

CaptainSparklez 2010 – Present

Jordan Maron, known as CaptainSparklez, is a powerhouse in the online gaming realm, particularly renowned for his contributions to the Minecraft community. Since launching his YouTube channel, he has captivated millions with his entertaining gameplay, music parodies, and mod reviews. His Minecraft music videos, such as “Revenge,” have accumulated hundreds of millions of views and have become anthems for many Minecraft enthusiasts. Beyond gameplay, CaptainSparklez has ventured into vlogging, merchandise, and even game development. His commitment to quality content, combined with his charismatic on-screen presence, has solidified his place as one of the leading figures in the gaming entertainment landscape.

Paulsoaresjr 2010 – Present

Paulsoaresjr is a pioneer in the Minecraft YouTube community, best known for his instructive “How to Survive and Thrive” series, which introduced many players to the game. As one of the earliest Minecraft content creators, Paul’s videos were instrumental in helping novices navigate the blocky world, teaching essential survival skills, crafting techniques, and strategies for flourishing in the game. His affable and fatherly demeanor, coupled with his genuine passion for gaming, made him a comforting and trusted guide for many. Beyond Minecraft, he has explored a plethora of other games, always bringing his unique charm and narrative-driven approach to his content. Paulsoaresjr’s family-friendly content and engaging storytelling style have endeared him to fans over the years.

AntVenom 2008 – Present

Taylor Harris, also known as AntVenom, is an influential figure in the Minecraft YouTube community, having started producing content since the early days of the game. AntVenom is known for his informative and educational videos, often focusing on game mechanics and updates. He has continuously engaged his audience with his in-depth analysis and commentary on Minecraft, making him a go-to resource for information. AntVenom’s content has evolved over the years, but his commitment to providing valuable insights to Minecraft players has remained consistent.