Invasion Season 2 Review – IGN

Invasion’s second season kicks off with a bang, immersing viewers in an intense battle against alien invaders in Osaka. Mitsuki, the former communications specialist, takes center stage as she fights alongside her fellow citizens, launching Molotov cocktails and ensuring their safety. This thrilling sequence reignites interest in the Apple original series, showcasing the potential of the show’s sophomore season.

When Invasion premiered in the fall of 2021, it promised an epic tale of extraterrestrial infiltration, character-driven drama, and stunning global locations. However, the first season fell short, with an abundance of backstory and a lack of momentum. Despite emotional moments and interconnected storylines, it felt like a slow build-up to the main event.

In the second season, the characters start to come into their own. Mitsuki, driven by the loss of her partner Hinata, becomes a force to be reckoned with. Trevante, haunted by his past experiences, works through his differences with Learah. Aneesha evolves into a fierce survivor, instilling a survival instinct in her children. This season explores deeper emotional themes and showcases the growth of these characters.

What sets the second season apart is the sense of cohesion and solid storytelling. The narrative style is more consistent, creating a connected experience for the audience. The events that unfold in different parts of the world have ripple effects on each character, enhancing the overall storyline. Invasion also pays homage to classic sci-fi films, with references to Terminator, Aliens, and Independence Day.

An inescapable love of sci-fi is etched into every frame.

Furthermore, Invasion draws comparisons to Stranger Things, particularly in the relationship between Casper and Jamila. The show cleverly incorporates elements of the unconscious and memory, adding depth and poignancy to the episodes. It also delves into central themes of love, loss, and identity, with subtle references to Solaris and The Man Who Fell to Earth.

For keen-eyed viewers, there’s even a Jurassic Park throwback in an episode opener featuring the charismatic Clark Evans. This character adds dramatic flair and chemistry opposite Aneesha, introducing a captivating group of supporting players. Each actor delivers compelling performances, with Nedra Marie Taylor and Naian Gonzalez Norvind making memorable impressions.

Finally, praise must be given to Paddy Holland, whose character Monty undergoes a remarkable transformation throughout the season. From a school yard bully to a compassionate protector, Holland’s performance exemplifies the exceptional quality of this second season, providing audiences with an unexpected and stunning reinvention of a sci-fi series.