The Pokémon Company made $11.6 billion from licensed products in 2022 | Pocket

The Pokémon Company Ranks Fifth in Global Licensing Revenue

The latest report from License Global reveals that The Pokémon Company has secured the fifth spot in terms of licensing revenue for 2022. The company recorded a combined total of $11.6 billion in revenue from licensing and merchandise, marking a significant 36.5% increase from the previous year’s $8.5 billion. This growth has positioned the company as the second-fastest-growing brand in the industry.

The report attributes the success of The Pokémon Company to two key factors: the highly anticipated release of the latest Pokémon games, Scarlet and Violet, and the renewed interest in the franchise after the announcement of the anime series Pokémon Horizons in December.

Additionally, the return of Pokémon Go Fest as an in-person event in 2022 contributed to the company’s growth. The festivals held in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo generated a combined $309 million in revenue for the host cities. This not only raised further awareness of the immensely popular mobile game but also potentially led to a significant boost in licensing and merchandising sales.

Gaming Giants Dominate the List

While The Pokémon Company stands out as the only gaming-focused company in the top ten, other licensors with strong mobile presences have also achieved remarkable success. The Walt Disney Company claims the first position with a staggering $61.7 billion in licensing revenue. Disney’s extensive mobile portfolio, featuring popular titles like Marvel Snap, Disney Mirrorverse, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, has contributed significantly to its success.

Warner Bros. Discovery secures the fourth spot on the list with $15.8 billion in revenue. The company’s mobile gaming portfolio, which includes highly successful titles like Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, earning $2.3 million within its initial week of global release, has played a key role in its achievement.

Other notable entries in the top fifty licensors include game developers Sega and Bandai Namco, as well as sports leagues WWE and NFL.

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