How to get all endings in Oxenfree 2

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Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – A Guide to All Endings

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals presents a less complex system of endings compared to its predecessor. Throughout the game, you will make a series of choices that will lead you to one of three distinct endings. This guide will help you understand how to unlock all the endings in Oxenfree 2.

The Endings of Oxenfree 2

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals offers three basic endings. These endings are determined by a specific choice you make towards the end of the game. You can choose to send Riley, Olivia, or Jacob through the portal to close the gap. However, Jacob will not be an available option if you have alienated him during your playthrough. Each of these choices will result in a different ending sequence. After the sequence, you will have the opportunity to interact with a box containing various items that correspond to the outcomes of smaller choices you made throughout the game.

If you choose to send Jacob or Olivia through the portal, Riley will wake up back at the start of the game. Evelyn will call her on the walkie-talkie and inform her that she did a great job planting transmitters to study endangered Cuckoos in Oregon. Riley will have no recollection of the events that took place during the game. Alex will approach her and discuss what happened, while her friends from the first game walk by in the background.

Subsequently, if Jacob went through the portal, Riley will find Athena alone on the dock and have a conversation with her. If Olivia is the one who went through, Riley will find Jacob at the end of the dock together with Athena and speak to him. In this scenario, Jacob will remember the events.

If you choose to send Riley through the portal, you will witness a sequence featuring an older Riley with Rex. They will run along a path and discuss Rex’s well-being, suggesting that they have been trapped in a moment of eternal bliss, reliving the same basic sequence together for a long time.

Contents of the Box

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  • Parentage Masks: Multiple ominous theater masks from the cult.
  • Cassette Tape: Depending on your choice of Riley or Olivia, Jacob will be heard on this tape talking about his art gallery project. If Olivia was chosen, he will discuss how Riley was a major inspiration to him. However, if Jacob went through the portal, you will hear Maria talk about how he can be sighted in the woods at night like a cryptid.
  • Tape Recorder: If Olivia is present, this recording will feature a session between Olivia and her therapist. If you have alienated Olivia, her outlook on life will be bitter. However, if you have befriended her, she will sound more optimistic and hopeful. Either way, she has moved away. If Olivia was the one who went through the portal, you will hear a recording of her asking her Dad if they can go to the park.
  • A Map of Camena Coast: This item is purely for visual purposes and does not affect the story.
  • Olivia’s Cell Phone: If Violet is still alive, there will be a voicemail from her on Olivia’s cell phone. The contents of the voicemail will vary depending on your interactions with Violet, Olivia, and Charlie. Violet may express her hatred towards Olivia and blame her for messing up her and Charlie’s lives. Alternatively, she may be grateful to Riley for being there for Olivia. She might also express concern for Olivia and invite Riley to go on a hike with them.
  • Shelley’s Badge: Regardless of whether Shelley lives or dies, her badge will be present in the box.
  • Alex’s Radio: This item serves no purpose other than being an object to observe.
  • A Letter From Alex: If Riley goes through the portal, this letter will be addressed to her father. However, if either Jacob or Olivia go through, the letter will be addressed to Rex.

Optional Items

The following items will be in the box based on your choices:

  • Jacob’s Gallery Ad: If you choose Riley or Olivia, Jacob will open a Sasquatch gallery featuring his sculptures. The gallery will either be open daily or exclusively on Tuesdays.
  • Nick’s Dog Tag: If you send Nick through the portal, his dog tag will be among the items in the box.
  • Cookie Tin: If you help Evelyn by giving her advice on how to talk to her mother, you will find a cookie tin with a note of thanks.
  • Mug: If you completed Maria’s sidequest, you will receive a mug with a thank you note on the back.
  • Book: If you completed Hank’s sidequest, he will send you a copy of the book he wrote based on the information you provided.

In a single playthrough, it is possible to have a total of five characters killed. However, this covers all the possible endings in Oxenfree 2. Whether a third game will be released in the future remains uncertain.