Will Armored Core 6 have a photo mode?

Photo modes have become increasingly popular among gamers, allowing them to unleash their creativity and develop a deeper appreciation for game worlds. Surprisingly, FromSoftware titles have typically lacked photo modes, including the visually stunning open-world game Elden Ring. However, with the imminent release of Armored Core 6, fans of the developer may be curious to know if a photo mode is finally included in this game.

Armored Core 6: A Photo Mode Experience

Fortunately, FromSoftware recently confirmed that Armored Core 6 does indeed feature a photo mode. The revelation came during a “Special Briefing” live stream on the official Japanese PlayStation YouTube account. Check out the archived stream below, and skip to 46:24 to witness the photo mode in action.

Although the gameplay footage is in Japanese, the details of the photo mode may be somewhat elusive if you do not understand the language. However, it appears that the on-screen sliders correspond to brightness settings, as indicated by the sun-shaped icon on the menu tab. In general, players can anticipate a range of options in Armored Core 6’s photo mode, including filters and the ability to hide the user interface.

The mech battles in Armored Core 6 are visually stunning, making it an ideal game for those who love capturing the perfect shot. Many fans would undoubtedly be pleased if FromSoftware continues to incorporate photo modes into their future games, considering the talent of their visual artists.

Screenshot: PC Invasion