PSN Booting PS5 and PS4 Players Offline, But It’s Not Down

PSN Users Experiencing Forced Sign-Outs for New Terms & Conditions

If you were recently signed out of your PS5 or PS4 while online, don’t panic. It’s not a technical issue with PSN, but rather a deliberate move by Sony. The company is requiring players to accept new terms & conditions, resulting in automatic sign-outs.

What to Do If PSN is Still Down

Initially, many players feared they were victims of hacking or that PSN had experienced an outage. It was soon discovered, however, that the sign-outs were due to the new T&C. Understandably, gamers have expressed frustration over being abruptly signed out, especially if they were in the middle of a multiplayer match or lost progress in an online-dependent game. Although this isn’t the first time Sony has done this, it is uncertain whether it will be the last.

As of now, reports of forced sign-outs are ongoing, indicating that Sony is gradually rolling out the updated terms & conditions. If you are still unable to sign back in, there are a few workarounds you can try:

  1. Restart your console.
  2. Log out of the PS App on your phone and log back in. You should be prompted to accept the new terms.

If you haven’t been prompted to accept the new terms on your console yet, using the PS App may help you avoid being signed out. However, if the prompt still doesn’t appear, you may need to wait or may have already accepted the terms in the past.