Killer Book Club Review – IGN

When it comes to murder mysteries, cliches are actually a good thing. They create an immersive experience that captivates viewers and keeps them guessing until the very end. Killer Book Club understands this and uses familiar tropes to draw in its audience.

However, the comfort of these tropes also works against the film. The viewers feel like they have a handle on what’s happening, leading them to impatiently come up with theories. But time and time again, their best guesses are proven wrong. Despite the attempts at misdirection, Killer Book Club ultimately falls into the category of a typical slasher movie, relying on jealousy, mistaken motives, and a group of clueless teenagers.

The film is directed by Carlos Alonso Ojea and revolves around Ángela, a shy girl played by Veki Velilla. Ángela published a book called “The Girl from Carrión” when she was in 8th grade, which seems to have inspired the opening scene of Killer Book Club. However, she has been suffering from writer’s block ever since. Ángela attends a weekly book club meeting in the school library with her boyfriend Nando and other club members.

The book club consists of Vanessa, Rai, Koldo, Eva, Sara, and Sebas. Surprisingly, these characters are already friends, which adds an interesting dynamic to the story. The chemistry among the ensemble cast helps to overcome any initial skepticism about their friendship as they discuss the fictitious book, “Killer Clowns.”

The fear of clowns plays a significant role in Killer Book Club, reminiscent of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” When Ángela’s professor tries to rape her, she and her friends dress up as clowns to scare him. Unfortunately, their plan goes wrong and the professor dies accidentally. The friends make a pact to keep quiet, but their guilt turns into panic when an anonymous author starts publishing chapters of a book that predicts their deaths one by one.

As a sinister figure wearing a clown mask and armed with a hammer starts targeting Ángela and her friends, the film takes inspiration from “Scream.” Each slash is intensified by the sharp sound mixing, creating a sense of unease. The use of evocative lighting adds to the suspense and sets the stage for bloodshed. However, these killings lack the emotional release expected from a horror film and simply mimic scenes from past movies.

While Killer Book Club successfully incorporates murder-mystery tropes, it becomes tedious when it starts pointing them out in dialogue. It undermines the very cliches it relies on. Although keeping viewers guessing may keep them engaged, it doesn’t necessarily make for an entertaining experience.

One of the main issues with the film is the character of Ángela. She serves as a blank canvas for the horror elements to unfold, but lacks the depth and empathy of a typical slasher movie heroine. In contrast, the villain is a product of internet chat rooms and has a convoluted backstory, but fails to evoke real fear or emotion. The twists in the plot only amplify the killer’s blandness, leading to a lackluster and unengaging experience with Killer Book Club.