All detailed AC stat and part spec terms, explained

Armored Core 6: A Breakdown of Detailed Specs and Stats

Are you a gamer who loves digging into the nitty-gritty details of a game? If so, Armored Core 6 has got you covered. With its comprehensive menus and extensive array of stats, you can immerse yourself in a visual feast of numbers and specifications. However, we understand that navigating this level of detail can be overwhelming, so let’s break it down and explain the intricacies of the detailed specs and stat view in Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 Detailed Specs Explained

The Split: AC and Parts

Armored Core 6’s detailed specs are divided into two categories: AC (Armored Core) and Parts. The AC category determines the functionality of your Armored Core’s frame, while the Parts category encompasses your weaponry and extras.

Parts Specs

Here are the detailed specs for the Parts category:

General and Defensive Stats:

  • AP – Determines your Armored Core’s overall health or armor.
  • ANTI-KINETIC DEFENSE – Defense against kinetic weaponry.
  • ANTI-ENERGY DEFENSE – Resistance to energy weapons.
  • ANTI-EXPLOSIVE DEFENSE – Resistance against explosive attacks.
  • ATTITUDE STABILITY (ACS) – Stagger resistance. Higher numbers indicate greater resistance.
  • ATTITUDE RECOVERY – Determines how quickly you recover from stagger damage.
  • TARGET TRACKING – Determines the likelihood of hitting a locked-on enemy.

Booster Stats:

  • BOOST SPEED – Determines your Armored Core’s speed while using boosters.
  • QB SPEED – Speed at which your boosts make you move.
  • QB EN CONSUMPTION – Amount of energy your Armored Core uses when boosting.
  • QB RELOAD TIME – Speed at which your boosters reload for quick and agile stats.

Energy Stats:

  • EN CAPACITY – Determines your Armored Core’s energy capacity.
  • EN SUPPLY EFFICIENCY – Rate of energy regeneration.
  • EN RECHARGE DELAY – Delay before energy regeneration when grounded and out of energy.
  • EN OUTPUT – Amount of energy your Armored Core can produce.
  • EN RECHARGE – Speed at which your Armored Core initiates energy recharge.

Load and Weight Stats:

  • TOTAL WEIGHT – Collective weight of all parts on the Armored Core, affecting movement speed and energy use.
  • TOTAL ARMS LOAD – Total weight of equipment on your arms.
  • ARMS LOAD LIMIT – Limit of what your arms can carry.
  • TOTAL LOAD – Total weight of all parts, excluding the legs.
  • LOAD LIMIT – Leg weight limit.
  • TOTAL EN LOAD – Energy load of all Armored Core parts.
  • CURRENT LOAD – Complete load of your Armored Core in comparison to the total maximum load.
  • CURRENT ARMS LOAD – Amount your arms are carrying in comparison to their maximum load.
  • CURRENT EN LOAD – Drain your Armored Core is putting on your total energy capacity.

AC Specs

Here are the detailed specs for the AC category:


  • ATTACK POWER – Indicates the amount of damage your Armored Core deals.
  • IMPACT – Determines the amount of stagger your ACS can take before becoming immobile.
  • ACCUMULATIVE IMPACT – Determines the amount of sustained damage your Armored Core can take before reaching the stagger state.
  • BLAST RADIUS – Size of the damage area for area-of-effect weapons.
  • ATK HEAT BUILD-UP – Speed at which your weapons overheat with sustained use.
  • CONSECUTIVE HITS – Amount of times you can chain an attack with your weapons before overheating.

Defensive Unit Stats:

  • DAMAGE MITIGATION – Reduction in incoming damage.
  • DEFENSIVE PERFORMANCE – Defense rating.
  • IMPACT DAMPENING – Reduction in weapon impact damage to Armored Cores.

Charge Unit Stats:

  • CHG. ATTACK POWER – Damage inflicted by a charged attack.
  • CHG. IMPACT ACS – Strain exerted on Armored Cores ACS bar by a charged attack.
  • CHG. ACCUM. IMPACT – Strain exerted on the Armored Core by a sustained charged attack.
  • CHG. BLAST RADIUS – Blast radius of a charged attack.
  • CHG. HEAT BUILD-UP – Heat build-up from using charged attacks.

IG Unit Stats:

  • IG DAMAGE MITIGATION – Damage reduction when performing an Initial Guard.
  • IG IMPACT DAMPENING – Strain relief on your Armored Core when performing an Initial Guard.
  • IG DURATION – Time window for damage mitigation when performing an Initial Guard.
  • DPLY. HEAT BUILD-UP – Heat buildup when using the shield.

Additional Stats:

  • DIRECT HIT ADJUSTMENT – Extra damage multiplier to staggered enemies.
  • GUIDANCE – Determines the performance of missiles and other homing weapons.
  • PA INTERFERENCE – Determines your ability to interfere with enemy Pulse Barriers.
  • RECOIL – Recoil that occurs when firing.
  • EFFECTIVE RANGE – Range at which your weapons are effective.
  • RANGE LIMIT – Maximum range of your weaponry.
  • RAPID FIRE – Rate of fire for your Armored Core.
  • CHG. EN LOAD – Energy use of your charged weapon.
  • CHARGE TIME – Charge time of your weapon.
  • CHG. AMMO CONSUMPTION – Ammo consumption of a charged shot.
  • HOMING LOCK TIME – Time it takes for homing weapons and missiles to lock on.
  • MAX. LOCK COUNT – Maximum number of enemies your Armored Core can lock onto.
  • MAGAZINE ROUNDS – Number of rounds in a magazine.
  • TOTAL ROUNDS – Total number of rounds your Armored Core can fire.
  • COOLING – Speed at which cooling happens when your weapon overheats.
  • RELOAD TIME – Time it takes to complete a reload.
  • AMMUNITION COST – Cost of ammunition at the end of a mission.
  • IDEAL RANGE – Optimal distance for your weaponry to damage an enemy.

Head Stats

Here are the detailed specs for the Head category:

  • SYSTEM RECOVERY – Rate at which anomalies are identified and rectified in your Armored Core.
  • SCAN DISTANCE – Range of your Armored Core’s scan.
  • SCAN EFFECT DURATION – Duration for which information is displayed after a scan.

Core Stats

Here are the detailed specs for the Core category:

  • BOOSTER EFFICIENCY ADJ. – Determines the energy usage reduction from boosting.
  • GENERATOR OUTPUT ADJ. – Increases your Energy Output.
  • GENERATOR SUPPLY ADJ. – Reduces the time between having zero energy and charging.

Arms Specs

Here are the detailed specs for the Arms category:

  • RECOIL CONTROL – Reduction in recoil on your Armored Core.
  • FIREARM SPECIALIZATION – Tracking performance of firearms in your Armored Core.
  • MELEE SPECIALIZATION – Compatibility with melee weapons.

Legs Stats

Here are the detailed specs for the Legs category:

  • JUMP DISTANCE – Horizontal jumping distance.
  • JUMP HEIGHT – Vertical jumping height.
  • LANDING IMPACT – Impact upon landing.

Now that you have a comprehensive breakdown of the detailed specs and stat view in Armored Core 6, you can dive into the world of numbers and optimize your Armored Core’s performance. May your stats be impressive, and your victories be plentiful!