New footage revealed for MMO action RPG Soulframe

Soulframe Unveils New Preview: Combat, Questing, and Character Customization

The highly anticipated free-to-play fantasy action RPG, Soulframe, has just released an exciting new preview showcasing its immersive combat mechanics, engaging quest system, and extensive character customization options.

Gentler Melee Combat and Stunning Fantasy Universe

Developer Digital Extremes takes players on a mesmerizing journey through a visually stunning fantasy universe in Soulframe, reminiscent of iconic titles like Final Fantasy 16 and Elden Ring. Unlike its fast-paced sibling, Warframe, Soulframe offers a slower and more deliberate combat experience. The game’s story is filled with epic high-fantasy drama, centering around the conflict between nature and industry.

Strategic Gameplay and Virtues System

In Soulframe, players must rely on careful planning, skilled dodging, and precise parrying to overcome their adversaries. The preview also introduces the Virtues system, where players can allocate their character’s build between Courage, Spirit, and Grace – representing strength, magical prowess, and agility respectively.

A Glimpse into the Nightfold and Unique Pacts

During the preview, players catch a tantalizing glimpse of the Nightfold, a mysterious parallel reality that the protagonist can retreat to for character management. Soulframe features specific combatant archetypes known as Pacts, which players can acquire by bonding with defeated bosses. These Pacts greatly influence and diversify gameplay, offering a multitude of approaches to tackle challenges.

(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

Open-World Exploration

Soulframe introduces captivating open-world elements, featuring charismatic insectoid quest-givers that are both adorable and exquisitely animated. The game’s shift to an open-world setting sets it apart from Warframe and offers players a more immersive experience. While missions are procedurally generated, they seamlessly blend into a vast and meticulously crafted world brought to life by impressive graphics and intricate environments.

Building on a Legacy

Although still in its early stages, Soulframe shows promise as Digital Extremes incorporates a decade’s worth of knowledge from their acclaimed work on Warframe, one of the best free games in the industry. Players can look forward to a robust and polished gaming experience with Soulframe.

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