FFXIV – Gil Making Guide: Fastest Way to Earn Gil

The Fastest Way to Earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

The in-game currency for Final Fantasy XIV is gil. Gil is a valuable coin that you use to buy stuff from NPCs, travel, and use the player marketboard. However, earning gil is not an easy task in FFXIV. NPCs don’t provide any guidance, and there is no gil tutorial. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some effective ways to earn gil in Final Fantasy XIV.

Earn Gil with Crafting

Crafting is one of the best ways to make gil in FFXIV. While some viral guides may crash the market, there are a few rules of thumb that can help you maintain a steady gil income:

  • Keep Up with the Patches: Many crafters earn a significant amount of gil by preparing for patches. They craft items that will be more valuable after a patch is released or during the early access window for expansions.
  • Be Selective on What You Buy, Earn, and Craft: Plan your craft by knowing which items to buy, earn organically, and craft from scratch. Buying Master Recipes from Scrip merchants can grant you access to valuable items that few crafters have.

Earn Gil with Other Currencies

Gil is the primary currency in FFXIV, but there are other currencies that can help you earn gil if used wisely:

  • GC Seals: Use Grand Company Seals to buy ingredients with a high market value and sell them for a profit.
  • Tomestones: Trade low-tier tomestones for relic ingredients and materia, which have a good gil return.
  • Cowries: Stick to buying materia and dyes with Seafarer’s Cowries from the Island Sanctuary.
  • Beast Tribe: Check the items available for each beast tribe and sell anything with a resale value.
  • Faux Leaves: Use Faux Leaves to buy mounts or other valuable items, but make sure to compare prices before purchasing.
  • Skybuilders’ Scrips: Collect Skybuilders’ Scrips in the Firmament by crafting Collectables and use them to buy mounts, glamour, or dyes.
  • Allied Seals: Purchase Relic weapon materials from the Hunt Billmaster’s shop with Allied Seals and keep an eye on the market for the best items to buy.

Misc Gil Making Methods

Here are some other methods to make gil in Final Fantasy XIV:

  • Maps: Open treasure maps to reveal hidden treasures and collect valuable items.
  • Dailies and Weeklies: Complete daily and weekly duties for set gil bonuses, including Khloe’s Wondrous Tails for lucrative rewards.
  • Quick Ventures: Send your retainer on quick ventures to obtain rare and valuable items.
  • Bozja, Eureka, etc.: Participate in Adventuring Forays like Bozjan Southern Front and Eureka to earn unique currency and valuable items.
  • Doman Enclave: Invest in the Doman Enclave restoration to make a steady gil turnaround over time.
  • Earn Gil by Going to Venues: Visit player-ran clubs known as venues where you can participate in activities to earn gil, such as roleplaying or dancing.

By utilizing these methods, you’ll be on your way to earning gil and becoming a wealthy adventurer in Final Fantasy XIV!