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Dreamdale: A Popular Casual Mobile Game with Intricate Progression

By AppQuantum

Dreamdale, a hybrid casual mobile game developed by SayGames, has been making waves in the gaming industry. With its accessible gameplay and intricate progression system, it has gained immense popularity among players. As of July 10, 2023, Dreamdale has earned over $5.9 million from in-app purchases and has been downloaded by more than 15.6 million users.

Reasons for Revenue Growth

In mid-April 2023, SayGames implemented several enhancements and optimization strategies to scale Dreamdale’s user acquisition campaigns. These changes, combined with the major updates introduced in the 1.0.23 update, led to a significant increase in revenue since March 2023. This update revamped the equipment system, introduced a Battle Pass, and implemented a monetization feature inspired by Diablo Immortal. The introduction of glyphs, which improve the chances of obtaining valuable loot, also played a crucial role in monetization and user engagement.

Additionally, the dungeons in the game became more challenging, increasing the demand for equipment. Instead of allowing direct purchases of specific items, Dreamdale introduced the glyph mechanic, encouraging players to acquire glyphs to enhance their chances of getting desired equipment. These changes, combined with a major user acquisition campaign, contributed to the growth in revenue by significantly affecting the conversion rate of paying users and average revenue per paying user (ARPPU).

Analyzed data showed that SayGames focused on the iOS platform when scaling user acquisition campaigns. The number of downloads on iOS in June 2023 reached 1.1 million, surpassing the figures from the global launch month. However, the Android version also demonstrated significant download growth, reaching 1.3 million downloads in April 2023. Despite this, the revenue distribution in July 2023 favored iOS, with $1.1 million revenue compared to $204,000 on Android devices. The user acquisition campaigns, especially a playable creative inspired by Gold & Goblins, have played a crucial role in the revenue growth of Dreamdale.

Engaging Gameplay Experience

Dreamdale offers players an immersive and engaging gameplay experience right from the start. The game begins with a motivating narrative: the player’s quest to save a captured princess and restore the kingdom. As players progress through distinct locations, each showcasing different gameplay mechanics, they are introduced to horseback explorations, combat systems, maritime adventures, and more.

One of the key factors that keep players engaged is the fluidity of movement in the game. While some players might find the character’s pace slow, there is a deliberate reason behind it. The smooth animations and walking sounds create a rich experience, and the constant motion keeps players engrossed.

The quest system in Dreamdale is concise and simple. Players are given various quests to accomplish, such as gathering resources, constructing and upgrading buildings, and venturing into dungeons. These quests add diversity to the gameplay and provide incentives for players to continue playing.

The resource collection mechanism is another integral aspect of the game. Players can gather resources by guiding their character to the chosen resource, and the collection process unfolds automatically. However, not all resources are collected at the same pace, which prompts players to consider attractive offers that promise quicker resolutions. As the game progresses, players can automate resource gathering by unlocking facilities like mines and sawmills.

Expansion of territories is a fundamental mechanic in Dreamdale. Players need to expand their territories by using accumulated resources to fulfill certain quests. However, there are limitations to exploration, as players will require unfamiliar resources to further expand their territories.

Riding mechanics and fishing mechanics are introduced in the game to enhance the gameplay experience. Riding a steed doubles the character’s speed, providing relief to those who find the character’s pace slow. Fishing adds a new activity and allows players to earn resources based on the size of the fish they catch.

Players can also develop their settlements and upgrade various structures like the Town Hall and the Market. These structures offer enhancements, increased storage capacity, and opportunities for resource trading.

Overall, Dreamdale’s unique gameplay mechanics, engaging quests, resource collection, and diverse activities contribute to its popularity among players.