FFXIV The Rising 2023 Guide: Quest, rewards, and extras

The Rising Returns for FFXIV’s 10th Anniversary

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of FFXIV, The Rising event is back with a twist. This year, the event will run until the release of patch 6.5, making it last twice as long as usual. Let’s dive into the details of The Rising 2023.

FFXIV Rising 2023 Guide Prerequisites

To participate in the quest ‘Siblings Rising’, you must be at least level 15. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of other requirements such as completing the main scenario quests up to level 15. You can find the quest giver, Kipih Jakkya, at (10.1, 8.6) in Ul’dah near the main Aetheryte.

If you’ve participated in the previous year’s Make It Rain event, you may recognize Kipih Jakkya. She will acknowledge your previous interactions and explain that she is searching for her brother. If you chose to say that you met him before during last year’s Rising event, she finds it to be an amazing coincidence. At this point, you will have three NPCs to talk to along Ruby Road: the Midlander Rising Attendant located at the stage (10.5, 8.3), the Highlander Adventurer in the middle of Ruby Road (10.5, 8.3), and Bran speaking to the Lift Attendant past Ruby Road (10.7, 9.5). Bran will recognize you if you participated in the 2014 or 2019 Rising event. After gathering information from all three NPCs, you will head to the Wandering Minstrel to learn more about her brother’s whereabouts. Find the Wandering Minstrel on the other side of the fountain at (11.2, 11.4) by walking past the lift to the Gold Court. He will explain that her brother, Nhagi’a, is escorting a Chocobo carriage in the Forest of Letters exhibit but it should have returned by now. Approach Kipih Jakkya at (11.1, 9.0) and share the information you obtained. Together, teleport to Black Brush Station and locate the Chocobo carriage that was attacked by bandits near the Clutch. It appears that a lone guard is outnumbered.


A short cutscene follows where the bandits retreat upon seeing you, and you are reunited with Nhagi’a if you guided him during the previous year’s event. During this scene, Brendt from the Ul’dah route starter cutscene also makes a cameo appearance. After the cutscene, you will be teleported back to the Wandering Minstrel to speak to him and trigger another cutscene. In this cutscene, you witness a disagreement between the siblings. Speak to Kipih Jakkya to complete the quest and receive 324 gil and 1440 EXP.

FFXIV The Rising 2023 Part 2: ‘What Drives Us’

In the next quest, Kipih Jakkya explains her decision and asks you to keep an eye on her brother while he contemplates her words. The Wandering Minstrel reveals that Nhagi’a has gone to Sapphire Avenue Exchange. Use the Gladiator’s Guild Aetheryte to teleport to Sapphire Avenue Exchange and head east to find him conversing with the Independent Merchant (14,2, 11.0). He will share some family lore and ask for your opinion on who he should talk to about his dilemma, excluding adventurers in Ul’dah. The given options are: the face of the Adventurer’s Guild, Momodi (correct answer), the local purveyor of information, Wymond (which he disagrees with), or a business with extensive dealings with adventurers, House of Splendors (which he describes as having horror stories of people becoming indentured servants). Selecting the incorrect answer will cause him to realize the correct choice, which is Momodi. Teleport to the Adventurer’s Guild and speak to Nhagi’a inside (11.4, 9.4) to trigger another cutscene. During this scene, Momodi will ask you why you became an adventurer, and each response receives a different reaction from her. After the cutscene, speak to Nhagi’a again outside. He is searching for a specific letter in the Forest of Letters and asks for your assistance. Return to the Gold Court, run through to the Minstrel, and find the letter hanging between poles at (11.4, 10.8). It appears that someone is looking to recruit adventurers for an expedition. Take the letter back to Nhagi’a and then meet him at the Weaver’s Guild (13.2, 12.5) for another cutscene. To conclude this part of the quest, return to Ruby Road by the Lift Attendant and speak to the Wandering Minstrel to trigger the annual Naoki Yoshida cutscene. This year, the cutscene takes place on an airship instead of the usual void-like setting. You will have to experience Yoshida’s message firsthand.

Rewards and Extras

Completing the quest rewards you with the achievement “A Decade of Adventure.” You will also receive 458 gil, 1440 EXP, the Rising Phoenix Whistle, and 10 Nymeia Potpourri. Additionally, you will gain access to the Forest of Letters, where the Letter Forest Tender at (11.3, 11.4) in the Gold Court allows you to read various letters written by people from different occupations. You can even find letters from the creators of Emote manuals and Orchestrion Rolls. In addition to all of this, you can play the 8-bit minigame, Kupo Kupo Adventure, near the stage. As a Moogle, you must defend against incoming enemies using bullets and magic. While there is no reward for winning the game, it adds a fun element to the event. The Rising Vendor located at the base of Ruby Road (10.5, 8.5) offers various items for purchase, including The Land Reborn Orchestrion Roll and Pom From The Heavens Orchestrion Roll, both priced at 1000 gil each. You can also buy a Rising Advertisement poster for 2000 gil and different types of Confetti for 19 gil each. Lastly, there are two optional quests available that revolve around Louisoix. ‘Remembering The Past’ can be obtained from Nananji near the main Ul’dah Aetheryte (8.9, 9.2) and leads to ‘Preserving the Future’. Completing these quests unlocks the End of an Era Framer’s Kit for your adventurer plate and rewards you with the achievement “The Man, The Myth, The Legend.” Keep in mind that both of these quests require you to be level 50.

This year’s The Rising event brings more content and surprises than ever before. Don’t miss out on this special 10th anniversary edition, as it is sure to rise to the occasion!