How To Find Hidden Chests For Secret Parts In Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 offers a variety of hidden parts that can be found in secret chests throughout the game. If you’re familiar with previous AC games, you’ll know that hidden parts are not a new concept. These parts can be very valuable and make it easier to defeat tough enemies in the game. Here are the locations where you can find secret parts in AC6.

Where to Find Hidden Chests in AC6? (Secret Parts Locations)

Armored Core 6 Secret Parts

There are a total of 11 secret parts in hidden chests that have been discovered so far. Here are all of them:

  • Chapter 2
    • HC-3000 Wrecker Head
    • CC-3000 Wrecker Core
    • AC-3000 Wrecker Arms
    • 2C-3000 Wrecker Legs
  • Chapter 3
    • IA-C01W1 Nebula Plasma Rifle
    • IA-C01G Aorta Generator
    • WB-0010 Double Trouble Chainsaw
    • BC-0600 12345 Booster
    • WB-0000 Bad Cook Flamethrower
  • Chapter 4
    • IA-C01L Ephemera Legs
    • Moonlight Blade

Here are the exact locations where you can find them:

Chapter 2

All four of the secret parts can be found in the same mission, “Infiltrate Grid 086”.

Chapter 3 – Secret Parts in Armored Core 6

Unlike the previous four parts, these chests are scattered across various missions:

  • Mission – Tunnel Sabotage
  • Mission – Survey the Uninhabited Floating City
    • IA-C01G Aorta Generator: Follow the mission until you reach the second waypoint. You should be on a circular rooftop. Take care of the incoming enemies, then turn back and fly towards one of the nearby roofs. The hidden crate should be easy to spot.
  • Mission – Eliminate “Honest” Brute
    • WB-0010 Double Trouble Chainsaw: Reach the third waypoint, turn left, and keep going down the broken platforms. You should be closer to red lasers now. The chest should be right in front of you now.
    • BC-0600 12345 Booster: Continue down after the first chest. Make your way to the platform, where you should find a few enemies. At the end, you can find the crate on top.
    • WB-0000 Bad Cook Flamethrower: Progress through the mission until you see the green energy field. Fly inside it and destroy the enemies in the room. Follow the waypoint and you will see red lasers below.

Chapter 4

You can find the last two parts in Chapter 4, in two different missions:

  • Mission – Underground Exploration – Depth 1
    • IA-C01L Ephemera Legs: Start the mission and progress until you can go down the shaft. Once you get there, destroy the enemies here. You will be ready to progress further when you get a new waypoint and can use the access point. Go to the back of the room and you will find the chest with these Legs parts.
  • Mission – Reach the Coral Convergence
    • Moonlight Blade: During this mission, defeat the ACs and MTs in the ruined city to get a new waypoint. Make your way towards it and then cross the bridge to fight another enemy. Reach the end of the bridge and then jump down on the left. You will find three more enemies guarding the chest. Defeat them and open the chest to get the Moonlight Blade. Don’t forget to complete the mission, otherwise finding this sword won’t be