Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Review

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Takes a Reflective Approach to Revisiting the Adventure Time Universe

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake premieres on Max August 31.

How can you capture the magic of a series with a perfect ending like Adventure Time? Fionna and Cake showrunner Adam Muto has a unique approach. Instead of relying on nostalgia and references, the limited series delves into the act of revisiting stories and explores how characters may have changed. Fionna and Cake, the alternate versions of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, are the perfect subjects for this exploration. Created by Simon Petrikov (also known as the Ice King) in-universe fanfiction, they bring a somberness and maturity to their return.

The Relatable Struggles of Fionna and Simon

Fionna finds herself caught in the relatable grind of struggling to survive. Her cheery yet dark song expresses her days spent in dead-end jobs and her longing for a magical world that feels out of reach. Simon, voiced by Tom Kenny, is also stuck in a monotony of his own. He works from home, where he embodies a bygone era as a living exhibit. Both Fionna and Simon face the harsh realities of feeling lost and the mundanity of life.

A Scepticism Toward Nostalgia

Fionna and Cake’s creators express skepticism toward nostalgia through the characters and storylines. Simon’s discomfort with conversations about his past work showcases the writers’ intentions. Fionna and Cake break free from their reluctant creator, emphasizing the need for new stories and experiences. The series challenges the notion of dwelling in the past and embraces a unique and unsentimental tone.

Embracing Darkness and New Adventures

Fionna and Cake push boundaries by exploring darker themes and taking viewers across the Adventure Time multiverse. While some moments are unexpectedly bloody, the underlying thematic interests shine through. The series breaks away from the familiar franchise mold by offering engaging parallel realities that transcend occasional trappings. With a rougher texture and sharp humor, Fionna and Cake navigate new territories.

“The way Fionna and Cake sidesteps mawkishness and embraces a distinctly unsentimental tone is invigorating.”

Fionna and Cake’s ability to avoid becoming overly sentimental adds to its appeal. Even amidst the joy of hearing Cake speak, there’s a sense of confusion and caution. The series keeps its edge while incorporating new elements and not succumbing to nostalgia.

Exploring New Worlds and Creating Something New

Fionna and Cake understand that Adventure Time was a unique lightning-in-a-bottle experience. Instead of trying to recapture it, the series embraces the idea that some storytelling magic can’t be replicated. By venturing into new lands and assembling pieces of what we’ve seen before, Fionna and Cake become something contemplative and comedic. The series takes bold leaps and finds its own magic, creating a fresh and vibrant experience.

While Adventure Time fans may still ask Simon about his old stories, there’s a good chance he would be happy with how Fionna and Cake’s journey turned out.