Infiltrate Grid 086 All Battle Logs Locations

How to Find all Combat Logs in Infiltrate Grid 086 in Armored Core 6

One of the best places to collect combat logs in Armored Core 6 is Infiltrate Grid 086. These are useful when you want to unlock powerful weapons or parts for your AC unit. Each mission has some amount of battle logs hidden that you can find. But since you need to defeat several enemies for them, finding them can be particularly tough. This is exactly the case with this mission. But worry not these locations will help you find the battle logs in no time.

Combat Log 1

Defeat the Invincible Rummy AC opponent. It is like a mini-boss, but if you have taken the Arena challenges you should have no trouble beating it.

Combat Logs 2 & 3

After the Invincible Rummy, fly towards the next waypoint, once the doors open. Fly up and go behind the giant wheel-like structure. Go down and defeat the two Heavy MTs to get your next two combat logs.

Combat Logs 4 & 5

Defeat the next two Heavy MTs when you are trying to access the door for the next waypoint.

Combat Log 6

Keep progressing towards the next waypoint until you come across a room with a smelting furnace. Here one of the pipes isn’t working, get inside the pipe and go down. You will reach a room where at the end will be a hidden chest. On the right, the enemy Nosaac is hiding to ambush you. Defeat it to get your 6th combat log.

Combat Logs 7, 8, & 9

Go back up and open the doors to get to the new waypoint. Launch yourself up and turn right you should be able to see a crane. Get down and you will find your last three combat logs by destroying this set of heavy and light MTs here.

That’s all for the combat log locations for Infiltrate Grid 086 in Armored Core 6. If you are interested in other topics of this game then you might also want to check out our guides on how to get all endings, input share ID codes, and get s rank in missions.