Retro Game Boy Game Coming to PlayStation and Switch

A Classic Game Boy Title Makes its Way to Modern Consoles

Nintendo Game Boy’s beloved title, Trip World, is set to be re-released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Switch. Developed by Limited Run Games, the updated port, titled Trip World DX, promises a nostalgic experience for old and new fans alike. While there is no current news regarding an Xbox or PC release, the new version of Trip World is sure to captivate players on the aforementioned consoles.

Remastered Features and Behind-the-Scenes Content

Trip World DX, an enhanced version of the original 1992 game, comes with several exciting upgrades. Players can enjoy remastered audio and new color graphics, but for those seeking a more authentic experience, the option to play with the original black-and-white graphics is also available. Additionally, the port includes exclusive behind-the-scenes content, such as video interviews, cameo appearances, and Trip World’s original design documents.

Collaboration with the Original Developers

While Limited Run Games is at the helm of Trip World DX’s development, they have made sure to involve the original creators. Sunsoft, one of the original developers, has assisted with the development process. Moreover, Limited Run Games had the opportunity to collaborate with the game’s original director, Yuichi Ueda. This joint effort ensures that Trip World DX stays true to its roots while adding modern enhancements. Fortunately for retro gaming enthusiasts, the wait for the game’s release is almost over, as it launches on August 31.

A Cult Classic Returns

In 1992, the Japanese developer Sunsoft introduced Trip World, a side-scrolling platformer for the Game Boy. The game centers around Yakopoo, a shapeshifting bunny-like creature, on a mission to save the world by recovering the Flower of Peace. Although Trip World never gained much traction in the US, it achieved cult status in Japan and Europe. In 2011, Nintendo recognized its appeal by adding it to the now-discontinued 3DS Virtual Console.

The Power of Limited Run’s Carbon Engine

For the development of Trip World DX, Limited Run Games utilized its proprietary Carbon Engine. This engine, specifically designed by the Embracer Group subsidiary, makes it easier to bring early console games to modern platforms. While Trip World DX is not the first port created using the Carbon Engine, it exemplifies how this technology preserves niche games that may have otherwise faded into obscurity.