NetEase go for maximum ‘Impact’ with new RPG Project Mugen | Pocket

A New Open-World Urban RPG Game by NetEase in Collaboration with Thunder Fire Studio

NetEase recently teased their upcoming game, tentatively titled Project Mugen. This open-world urban RPG is a collaborative effort between NetEase games and Thunder Fire Studio’s subsidiary, Naked Rain. With team members in China and Montreal, the game draws inspiration from their diverse cultures. Project Mugen is being developed as a free-to-play title for mobile, PC, and PlayStation consoles.

According to Riten Huang, senior marketing director at Thunder Fire Studio, “Project Mugen is our love letter to urban fantasies. We wanted to create a world that players could relate to, yet find enough mysteries to keep them coming back. The city is alive, and every player will have their unique journey through it.”

The game is set in a world similar to Earth, but with a twist – the coexistence of humans and the supernatural. Players will assume the role of an Esper, tasked with investigating anomalies and supernatural occurrences that pose a threat to the balance. Their mission involves tackling the various dangers that arise and protecting humanity.

Ethan Wang, senior vice president at NetEase, expressed the significance of “Project Mugen” in terms of global collaboration and creativity. He stated, “Today’s unveiling of ‘Project Mugen’ extends beyond this announcement; it represents NetEase Games’ spirit of global collaboration, creativity, and innovation to push the envelope in interactive storytelling. By merging a modern metropolis setting with elements of mysticism, we’re excited to create a world where every player can find a moment that resonates with them.”

NetEase’s Ambition to Compete in the Mobile Game Market

In recent years, NetEase’s dominance in the mobile games space has faced challenges due to changing regulations in China and the rapidly evolving mobile landscape. While still a major player, other companies are quickly catching up, including MiHoYo, known for their cross-platform success with Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail.

Developing AAA games like Genshin Impact and Project Mugen comes with significantly higher production costs compared to hypercasual games. The idea of investing years of development only to release a game for free is unfamiliar to traditional publishers more accustomed to PC and console gaming. However, NetEase is willing to take on this challenge and compete with giants like MiHoYo.

Both NetEase and MiHoYo were listed in the top 50 mobile game makers of 2023, showcasing their strengths in the industry.