Baldur’s Gate 3’s second patch “around the corner”, targets Act 3 performance improvements and bugs

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 2: Performance Improvements, Bug Fixes, and More

A week after Baldur’s Gate received its first major patch, developer Larian Studios is gearing up to release Patch 2, with promises of substantial improvements, fixes, and additions. These updates are expected to enhance performance and bring better closure to the game’s story.

Improved Performance in Act 3

Patch 2 will introduce Baldur’s Gate 3’s first substantial performance improvements, with particular focus on Act 3. Larian Studios acknowledges the technical ambition of the game’s city of Baldur’s Gate and recognizes the setbacks they faced during its creation. However, they assure players that major improvements will be evident in Act 3 once the patch is implemented. The studio is also working on incorporating new technology throughout September to further enhance performance.

Bug Fixes for Act 3

Larian Studios is aware of the numerous bug reports related to Act 3 and is dedicated to resolving these issues promptly. The developer is committed to delivering a seamless gameplay experience and has been quick to roll out hotfixes and patches to address reported bugs. Patch 2 will specifically target the bugs affecting Act 3, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience for players.

Addition of “Cut Content”

Larian Studios addresses the concern of “cut content” in Baldur’s Gate 3. They clarify that some of the datamined content missing from the final release was either removed because the studio deemed it unfit for the game or simply not triggering correctly due to bugs. For example, Minthara’s reactivity will be fixed soon. The developer also mentions that they will expand the prologue in Patch 2, offering an additional optional ending with Karlach.

Future Updates and Features

While Patch 2 is on the horizon, Larian Studios has more in store for Baldur’s Gate 3. They will soon introduce the Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends feature, allowing players to remove co-op party members from their campaign. Additionally, the highly anticipated ability to change a character’s appearance mid-campaign is still in the works, although the release date is yet to be confirmed.

Baldur’s Gate 3 holds great significance for both players and the Larian Studios team. The developers express their love for the game and their commitment to continually improving it based on player feedback. They encourage players to provide feedback that is concise and constructive. Larian Studios is excited for the future of Baldur’s Gate 3 and looks forward to delivering a memorable gaming experience.