Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone Tabletop Game Review

The World of Cyberpunk Returns in Combat Zone Tabletop Game

The futuristic world of Cyberpunk is making its way back to the tabletop with the release of Combat Zone, a skirmish game based on the Cyberpunk Red RPG. Published by Monster Fight Club, this game allows players to field gangs of figures and engage in urban warfare in a setting that takes place 30 years before the popular video game.

The Combat Zone boxed starter set provides everything two players need to start playing. The miniatures are made of a unique resin/plastic hybrid that captures intricate details while requiring minimal assembly. Alongside the expected components such as dice, rules, and tokens, this set features top-quality terrain, making it stand out among other miniatures game starter sets. The thick cardboard barricades, ruined buildings, and durable playing surface are modular and can be assembled in various configurations.

While the assembly instructions could have been better, the overall attention to detail in this product is exceptional. However, the real highlight of Combat Zone is its outstanding rules system. Similar to popular miniatures games like Warhammer 40K, Combat Zone employs a ruler for measuring movement and a freeform style of gameplay without grids or spaces. The proprietary [RE]ACtion system adds novelty to the game, with each side taking turns performing actions based on their characters’ strength. The quality of actions determines the type of die rolled, creating a clever and strategic combat system. Risking the best actions for success adds a thrilling element to the game.

The game’s core experience revolves around the unique activation system. Instead of activating all figures at once and passing control to the opponent, Combat Zone allows players to take turns activating one figure at a time. Resting during your turn allows you to activate all of your Gonks, introducing strategic planning in battles. Although the starter set does not include any Gonks, the gameplay remains engaging and smooth.

Combat Zone offers an impressive level of detail, including a myriad of weapons, equipment, unique character abilities, and a netrunning feature similar to magic in fantasy games. The set also includes superb scenario cards that can be randomly selected before each play session. Additionally, the game features an independent campaign system that allows gangs of different experience levels to compete, resulting in bonuses for the underdogs. The campaign system is streamlined yet detailed enough to provide satisfying outcomes.

In conclusion, Combat Zone is a fantastic game that offers dynamic conflict with its unique activation system. The physical components, including the exceptional terrain, contribute to an immersive gaming experience straight out of the box. While the starter set provides many hours of gameplay and a complete campaign, it will leave players excited for future releases that promise more gangs and supplementary products for each faction.

To purchase Combat Zone, visit the official website of Monster Fight Club.