How To Fish In Sea Of Stars (& Fishing Locations)

How to Fish in Sea of Stars: A Complete Fishing Guide

Sea of Stars has received high praise for its fishing mechanics, and if you want to join in on the fun, it’s important to know how to fish in the game. Fishing is an optional minigame, but it offers the opportunity to unlock campfire recipes, collectibles, and complete side-quests. However, some players may struggle to reel in a single fish. To help you out, we’ve put together a comprehensive fishing guide for Sea of Stars.

How to Fish in Sea of Stars

sea of stars how to fish

To begin fishing in Sea of Stars, you’ll need to be near a fishing lake or pond. These can be found throughout the world map. Once you’ve located a suitable spot, follow these steps to fish:

  • Stand at the dock of the fishing lake or pond and press the Confirm button to cast your fishing line or bobber.
  • While the hook is in the air, use the D-Pad to control the direction of the bobber.
  • Once you’ve chosen the direction, press the Confirm button again to drop the bobber into the water. Wait for a fish to bite.
  • Press the Confirm button to reel in the fish once it bites.
  • When reeling in the fish, steer the bobber in the opposite direction to prevent it from escaping.
  • Keep the fish within the blue wavy light to ensure a successful catch.
  • Be gentle with the fishing line and bobber to avoid breaking it.
  • If the fish jumps out of the water, press the Confirm button to knock it out.
  • Once the fish is subdued, reel it in quickly in your direction.

After catching a fish, you can choose to turn it into fillet or release it back into the lake or pond where it was caught.

All Fishing Locations & Fishes

In Sea of Stars, there are various fishing locations where you can catch different types of fish. Here’s a list of all the known fishes and their respective locations:

Man o’ War

  • Sunglow Lake
  • Lavish Lake (Sleeper Island)

Lunar Trout

  • Windy Loch (Sleeper Island)
  • Sunglow Lake
  • Abandoned Wizard Lab


  • Windy Loch
  • Sunglow Lake
  • Settler’s Rest

Grass Haddock

  • Windy Loch
  • Sunglow Lake
  • Settler’s Rest

Crimson Bass

  • Watcher’s Pond
  • Settler’s Rest


Spectral Eel

Bone Pike


Fluorescent Piranha

Sun Carp

Viridian Lobster

Lava Koi

  • Sulfuric Basin (Basalt Isle)

Rock Shrimp

  • Sulfuric Basin (Basalt Isle)

Laser Burbot

Coil Flounder

Cybernardl Hermite

Silicium Sponge

Ninja Starfish

  • Lake Turquoise
  • Skybound Lagoon

Clockwork Crab

Fluorescent Piranha


Sky Urchin

Cloud Skate

That concludes our guide on how to fish in Sea of Stars. If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our other Video Gaming Guides for more tips and tricks!