Nintendo Expands Its Switch Online N64 Library With Excitebike 64

Update [Wed 30th Aug, 2023 02:05 BST]:

Nintendo has launched Excitebike 64, the newest title in their N64 library, on the Switch Online service. This game is available to subscribers of the ‘Expansion Pack’ tier. Japan has also received the same game.

Original article [Fri 25th Aug, 2023 02:00 BST]:

Nintendo has announced that Excitebike 64 will be the next game added to the N64 library on the Switch Online service. It will be available starting on August 30th.

Excitebike 64, developed by Left Field, was first released in 2000. In addition to racing, the game features multiplayer, custom tracks, and various other fun modes, including the original Excitebike NES game. It also boasts a catchy hip-hop and rock soundtrack.

Here’s what Nintendo had to say about the game:

“Many players caught their first taste of air when the game originally released on the Nintendo 64 system in 2000, but don’t worry if you didn’t sign up for the race then. Your moment to enter in the game’s variety of single-player modes, or even locally** and online with friends, is almost here! All dirt bikers are welcome, as long you have an urge to surge over an endless supply of hills and thrills.

“From Exhibition Races and Time Trials to even Custom Tracks you can create with banked curves, hairpin turns and whoops, Excitebike 64 packs an entire stadium full of showstopping stunts and oil-charged action into one classic package. Relive the capital “E” era of EXTREME sports – brimming with a chugging rock and hip-hop soundtrack to accompany it – while you unleash your inner daredevil. Offering a full Season mode and 20 different tracks to master, along with bonus features like Hill Climb, Stunt mode and even Soccer, Excitebike 64 invites you to become an MX legend.”

Excitebike 64 will also be released in Japan next week. Remember, you’ll need to be a Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscriber to access this game. Mario Party 3 and 1080 Snowboarding are the remaining titles in Nintendo’s current batch of N64 NSO games for the West, while Japan will also receive Harvest Moon 64.

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