Diablo 4 is 25% off on all platforms

In a Surprising Move, Diablo 4 Gets a Price Cut of 20-25%

In an unexpected turn of events, Blizzard has decided to reduce the prices of Diablo 4 by 20% to 25% on all platforms. This means that players who have been eagerly waiting to dive into the demon-infested world of Sanctuary can now do so at discounted rates. Let’s take a look at the new prices:

  • Standard Edition: $54.59 (25% off)
  • Digital Deluxe Edition: $71.99 (20% off)
  • Ultimate Edition: $74.99 (22% off)

Blizzard is not known for frequently reducing the prices of its mainline game releases or offering such discounts, especially so close to the release date. However, the notable challenges faced by Diablo 4 in retaining players may have influenced this decision. As an additional strategy to boost player engagement, Diablo 4 is also hosting its first ever double XP weekend, which is a common tactic employed in live-service post-release plans.

It is worth mentioning that Blizzard has never before organized a double XP event in such close proximity to the game’s launch.

The player count metrics for Diablo 4 have witnessed a noticeable decline across all platforms. In the span of just one month, from July to August, the peak player count dropped from 6.1 million to 365,000 players.