Little Nightmares 3 release date, story, and everything we know

Little Nightmares 3: Everything We Know So Far

Little Nightmares 3, the highly anticipated third installment of the popular indie game series, was first announced in October 2021. Since then, information about the game has been scarce. However, we recently got a reveal trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live in August, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from this upcoming horror game. As fans of the first two games, we are excited to share everything we know so far about Little Nightmares 3.

Little Nightmares 3 Release Date and Platforms

The release date for Little Nightmares 3 is still unknown, with the official website only stating that it will launch in 2024 without any specific details. Based on the release patterns of the previous games in the series, we speculate that it may have a Q1 release date. Although we don’t have an exact date yet, we do know that the game will be available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. This wide range of platforms ensures that players from various gaming communities can enjoy the horrors of Little Nightmares 3.

Little Nightmares 3 Trailers

The reveal trailer for Little Nightmares 3 premiered at Gamescom Opening Night Live in August 2023. The trailer introduces us to the two new protagonists, as well as a host of unsettling enemies and environments. Unlike the previous games, Little Nightmares 3 offers a fresh narrative with these new characters. We catch a glimpse of the release window, 2024, and a list of platforms at the end of the trailer. Here’s the full trailer:


Little Nightmares 3 Story and Setting

While there isn’t much information available about the story of Little Nightmares 3, the reveal trailer provides some intriguing details. The game features two new protagonists named Low and Alone, each with unique abilities that enhance the gameplay experience. We expect to learn more about their backstories as we approach the game’s release. Unlike the previous games, Little Nightmares 3 allows players to choose which character they want to play, offering a new dynamic to the series.

Low and Alone work together to escape the new setting known as “The Spiral,” a collection of dystopian lands shaped by disturbed delusions. As the game unfolds, we anticipate uncovering more about the setting and delving deeper into the lore of Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares 3 Gameplay

As a puzzle-platform horror adventure game, Little Nightmares 3 promises to deliver a haunting gameplay experience. Although we’ve only seen glimpses of gameplay in the reveal trailer, it seems to retain the atmospheric style of its predecessors. Players can expect intricate puzzles, stealth mechanics, tension-filled chase scenes, and platforming challenges.

Combat appears to be more prominent in Little Nightmares 3, as both Low and Alone are equipped with their own weapons. Low wields a bow and arrow, while Alone carries a wrench. These weapons may be used for combat encounters, puzzle-solving, and quick escapes throughout the game. Additionally, for the first time in the series, Little Nightmares 3 will include co-op play, allowing players to team up and navigate the horrors together.

Little Nightmares 3 News

Little Nightmares 3 was officially revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live in August 2023. The trailer provided an exciting look at the game’s new characters, setting, and gameplay. While we await the release of Little Nightmares 3, you may want to check out the best multiplayer games on PC or the best single-player experiences to keep yourself entertained.