FFXIV – How to Buy and Build a House

How to Buy a House in Final Fantasy XIV

Methods for buying a house in FFXIV have changed drastically over the years. Before the release of Endwalker, players had to snag houses manually. To do this, you had to stand in front of the house with a dozen or more other players who also wanted the house. Some players stood there for hours clicking the placard over and over to buy the house when the invisible timer went off. The system was complicated and cannot be explained in short. But it was gruesome and physically unhealthy.

There is now a lottery system in place, so all you have to do is buy a lottery ticket for the house you’re interested in. If you lose, you get your money back. Not all houses are available to all individuals. There are three sections of house – personal, Free Company, and both. You can’t buy a Free Company house if you are buying for an individual and vice versa. The third option is available for anyone who meets the prerequisites.


  • One level 50 or above class
  • Grand Company rank Second Lieutenant or higher

Lottery Schedule

The lottery schedule is easy to track by going to Timers under Duty. This will let you know which period is in progress. The standard schedule is five days open for you to make bids. Then, the results are available, during which you claim the house if you win or claim your money if you lose. Do both by interacting with the placard. You can also track the schedule as well as the plots that are available this term with tools like PaissaDB. You must choose your data center and server to see results.

How to Build a House

Building houses in FFXIV is unique. You don’t build them piece by piece like in a survival game. Instead, you follow a few simple steps.

  1. Buy a Plot – The first step requires luck, as you must win the housing lottery.
  2. Place a House – The second step is a simple investment that you can later customize by buying “house skins.”
  3. Customize – After buying a housing permit and placing the house, you can add furniture to your yard, indoors, and customize the exterior of your siding and roof.

How Much Does a House Cost?

Houses come in three sizes in FFXIV. There are three costs to houses – plot, house, and furniture. The first is most important, but before getting into that, take a look at a couple of options available prior to getting a house.


The best way to get a “home” in FFXIV is to buy an apartment. Apartments are 500,000 gil in Final Fantasy XIV. You can head to the apartment complex in any residential district to check for openings. Chances are, there will be one.

Private Chambers

If you’re part of a Free Company, you can get a bedroom for 300,000 gil. Unless you have an FC that has over 500 members, there is automatically a slot open. Private chambers are quite small but offer cheap space to play around with. This gets you used to housing and helps you decide if it’s worth the investment.

Plot Cost

  • Small – 3 to 4 million gil
  • Medium – 16 to 20 million gil
  • Large – 40 to 50 million gil

House Cost

After you purchase your plot, if you don’t already have a house, you need to buy one. You have 45 days to do this, or you forfeit the rights to your plot. You can choose to buy a special type of house, or you can buy the default one for a relatively low price. To do this, head to Housing, then Estate Hall, followed by Purchase Construction Permit.

  • Small – 450,000 gil
  • Medium – 1 million gil
  • Large – 3 million gil

Furniture Cost

Furniture cost is not easy to estimate. You can easily furnish a small for under a million if you’re not particular. Mediums and larges will take more for them to not look sparse. You can get started by heading to furniture on the Marketboard or by crafting your own.

How Many Houses Can You Own?

You can only have one personal house per account because you can only own houses on your server. But there are ways to get more houses. You can currently own a personal house, apartment, a Free Company room, and a Free Company house. But there are requirements for an FC house.

  • Free Company must be at least ranked 6.
  • FC has to have at least 4 members.
  • You need permission within your FC to buy land.
  • You need to be in the FC for at least 30 days.

Now you know all there is to know about buying and building a house in FFXIV. Let me know if I missed anything!