Mario & Sonic Face Off On Switch This October – Whose Corner Are You In?

Two 2D Gaming Giants Prepare for Showdown

Get ready for an epic battle as two iconic video game characters, Mario and Sonic, release new 2D platform games just days apart. While they’ve crossed paths before in games like the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games, this is the first time we’ve seen a direct competition between these beloved mascots. Let’s take a closer look at their rivalry and what we can expect from their latest adventures.

A Brief History of Mario and Sonic

Back in the ’90s, Sonic made his debut on the Genesis in North America, followed by Mario’s arrival on Super Mario World two months later. Although there were some compatibility differences between these 2D classics, they managed to avoid direct competition. The closest they came was in 2011 when New Super Mario Bros. U launched for Wii U just four days before Sonic Generations on 3DS. However, it’s the upcoming releases that have us truly excited.

Super Mario vs. Sonic Superstars

Both Mario and Sonic have had their fair share of successes over the years, but who will come out on top this time? While history may favor the Mario brothers, early signs suggest that Sonic Superstars could be the game to do justice to the 2D classics while adding something new to the Sonic series. So, we’re left wondering if it’s a wise move for Sega to release their game so close to Mario’s home turf on the Nintendo Switch.

Cast Your Vote: Team Sonic or Team Mario?

We want to hear from you! Are you Team Sonic or Team Mario? Cast your vote and let us know who you’ll be supporting in this exciting gaming showdown. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer here. It’s all about celebrating these gaming icons and enjoying some nostalgic rivalry.

  • No! That’s some unlucky timing, right there
  • Pff, good games will get their dues whenever they release – let’s hope they’re good
  • Sure, the more the merrier!

Who Will Reign Supreme: Mario or Sonic?

Now, the big question – which character will conquer the platforming realm this October? Will you place your bet on Sonic’s blazing speed or Mario’s timeless charm? Or maybe you’re planning to enjoy both games. Cast your vote and let us know where you’ll be placing your platforming money!

  • Gotta go fast for Sonic
  • My money’s on Mario
  • I’ll be bagging both
  • Waiting for reviews, me
  • Neither, just gimme the popcorn
  • OTHER video games? Sorry, cannot escape Vampire Survivors. Send help

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