Front Mission 2: Remake Heads West For The First Time In Early October

Front Mission 2 Remake Release Date Announced

In a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, it was revealed that the highly anticipated remake of Front Mission 2 will be exclusively available for the Switch. Following the successful release of Front Mission 1st: Remake last November, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the second installment in the series.

The release date for Front Mission 2 Remake has been confirmed as October 5, after experiencing a slight delay from its original launch date of June 12. This revival holds significant importance as the game was originally released exclusively in Japan in 1997 and has never been made available to international audiences.

Set 12 years after the events of Front Mission 1st, Front Mission 2 follows the story of Ash, an O.C.U. soldier attempting to escape the war-torn nation of Alordesh, which has fallen under the control of a revolutionary group. As he embarks on his journey, Ash uncovers a deep-rooted conspiracy that threatens to destabilize the world. Watch the captivating story trailer below to get a glimpse of the intense storyline.

The developers have made several significant enhancements for this remake. One major improvement is the reduced loading times, which addresses a notorious flaw in the original version. Players can also enjoy the freedom of a free camera movement system, a revamped soundtrack, and new coloring and camouflage options to heighten the visual experience. Additionally, the remake offers expanded language support, catering to a wider range of players.

Front Mission 2 Remake will be priced at $34.99, a reasonable cost considering the exciting features and enhancements it brings to the table. To stay informed about other notable upcoming game remakes, be sure to check out our comprehensive list.