How to beat Romaya the Necromancer in Sea of Stars

The Toughest Foe in Sea of Stars: How to Defeat Romaya, the Necromancer

The Necromancer boss, Romaya, poses a formidable challenge in Sea of Stars. Known for summoning minions to overwhelm her opponents, Romaya presents a harsh lesson in crowd control. If you’re struggling to defeat her, follow these strategies and learn how to come out on top.

Defeating Romaya the Necromancer in Sea of Stars

To defeat Romaya, you must stockpile MP to break her Cast Bars and launch attacks whenever possible. Interestingly, she is not vulnerable to specific attack types, such as Physical, Poison, or Solstice abilities. Therefore, focus on maintaining a full MP gauge to effectively counter her moves.

During the battle, Romaya has a bone pile and a flesh pile that she can utilize to summon reinforcements. The bone pile spawns a tanky skeleton, while the flesh pile turns into a formidable zombie. Although you can temporarily halt the summoning process by targeting the piles, the interruption is short-lived.

In the absence of Garl, it’s essential for Valere to assume the role of a healer when necessary. While Valere lacks single-target healing abilities, her Lunar Shield ability can provide complete protection against a single attack for each party member. Correctly timing the use of Lunar Shield can save your life during the battle.

For emergency heals, the Mending Light ability is a valuable asset. Although it has a slow charge, it serves as a reliable option. Additionally, keep some food resources like Herbed Fillets on hand, as they can provide a convenient health boost when needed.

How to beat Romaya the Necromancer in Sea of Stars

The most threatening attack in Romaya’s arsenal is Felfire Rain, an intense AoE attack that hits the entire team. Breaking the Cast Bar of Felfire Rain is possible, but requires precise timing to maximize its effect. To mitigate the impact of this attack, you can use Serai’s Disorient to boost the turn meter or Valere’s Lunar Shield to minimize the damage.

Similar to previous boss encounters, adopting a strong defensive strategy is crucial. As Romaya cannot heal herself, focus on maintaining the party’s health and keeping the Lunar Shield ability ready. When the opportunity arises, launch offensive attacks with Zales’ Sunball and Boosted Attack for optimal damage.

Dealing with the Necromancer’s Minions

Given the limited crowd control options available, prioritizing targets is essential. When dealing with Romaya’s minions, it is recommended to eliminate the Zombie first while ignoring the Skeleton. The Skeleton has substantial health but poses a minimal threat, while the Zombie deals significant damage and possesses the ability to drain health.

The Skeleton typically attacks once every three turns, dealing minimal damage of 18. If necessary, you can eliminate it temporarily, although it won’t remain inactive for long.

Even with precise tactics, Romaya remains a formidable adversary, and mistimed attacks can quickly turn the tide against you. If you find the battle overly challenging, consider utilizing assist relics to gain an advantage. For detailed information on how assist relics work, refer to our comprehensive guide.