All Gloom Spawn locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Easily the most imposing and terrifying new enemy introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is filled with formidable adversaries, but one enemy stands out among the rest – the Gloom Spawn, also known as Gloom Hands. These eerie creatures, with their one-eyed demonic hands emerging from a puddle of gloom, possess incredible speed and a deadly grip. Engaging them in combat early on can be a perilous endeavor. However, with enough strength and courage, you can overcome these ghastly foes and obtain Dark Clumps, which can be used to craft meals that offer protection against the gloom.

Defeating a Gloom Spawn may also trigger the appearance of a Phantom Ganon miniboss. If you manage to best this formidable foe, you will be rewarded with a powerful gloom-based weapon known as the Demon King’s Bow. The strength of this bow increases based on the number of Heart Containers you possess, making it even more advantageous to take down Gloom Spawns and acquire these materials.

Where to Find All Gloom Spawn

Gloom Spawns can be found in numerous locations, totaling around 41 throughout both the surface and the Depths. To help you navigate the treacherous terrain and locate these dangerous adversaries, we have provided two maps below. The red, non-faded markers indicate the precise locations of all Gloom Spawns.

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Tears Of The Kingdom Gloom Spawn Depths Map

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Keep in mind that there are a few considerations when searching for these elusive enemies. Firstly, the Gloom Spawn located inside the Deku Tree in the Depths will only appear once. Once you defeat both the hands and the Phantom Ganon clone they spawn, it will never reappear for the remainder of the game.

Additionally, the Gloom Spawn on Mekar Island, just outside the Lost Woods, does not have a guaranteed appearance. At times, you may encounter an Electric Wizzrobe in this area instead. The occurrence of a Gloom Spawn or an Electric Wizzrobe appears to be random. If you desire to face a Gloom Spawn on Mekar Island, it is recommended to revisit the location after every Blood Moon until you find what you seek.