Where to sell contraband in Starfield

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Where to Sell Contraband in Starfield

In the vast universe of Starfield, there are legal ventures and then there are the shadier deals waiting to be made. As a player, you are given the choice to delve into the world of smuggling. Trading illegal goods is a lucrative business if you know where to unload your contraband. In this guide, we will show you the prime destination for selling contraband in Starfield.

The Challenge of Selling Contraband

Exploring a remote outpost, you stumble upon a container holding valuable contraband. However, picking it up and adding it to your inventory can land you in trouble. Major systems monitor incoming ships and most merchants are not interested in purchasing illegal goods. To successfully sell contraband, you must make your way to the Trade Authority in Neon.

Starfield Volii Alpha Planet With Neon Core

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Precautions to Take

Before indulging in contraband trading, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you will still undergo scanning procedures. Even if you have a buyer lined up, it is crucial that you keep your cargo a secret. Ensure that your ship is equipped with shielded cargo capacity before accepting any illegal goods.

Once you have a ship with shielded cargo, you can proceed to obtain contraband. It can be sourced from outposts, stolen from other ships, or acquired through dealings with fellow smugglers. Some mission boards also offer smuggling missions.

Visiting the Trade Authority in Neon Core

Make your way to the Trade Authority located in Neon Core, specifically in the Volii system on the planet Volii Alpha. Land at the Spaceport and take the elevator up to the surface of the city. If you successfully navigate through the scans, you will find Kolman Lang, who is ready to purchase your contraband without any issue. He will also inform you about the mission board at the nearby Volii Hotel, where relevant missions might be available from time to time.

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