Chrome Valley Customs is Space Ape Games’ biggest launch in 11 years | Pocket

Space Ape Games Launches Chrome Valley Customs with Unprecedented Success

Space Ape Games has added another game to its impressive lineup with the release of Chrome Valley Customs. In less than two months, this car customization game has become the biggest launch in the company’s 11-year history.

Innovative Marketing Strategy Pays Off

Chrome Valley Customs gained attention right from its announcement in June. Space Ape Games cleverly promoted the game by revealing it within its popular rhythm game, Beatstar. Beatstar, with over 50 million downloads in under two years, offered an extra incentive to its players by making an exclusive song unlockable through pre-registration for Chrome Valley Customs.

Beatstar is Space Ape Games’ most successful title, generating over $100 million in revenue at three times the pace of its second-best game, Transformers Earth Wars. However, Chrome Valley Customs has even surpassed Beatstar in terms of initial revenue growth, showcasing the developer’s strong position in the industry, especially after the studio’s difficulties in 2018.

Simon Hade, co-founder and CEO of Space Ape Games, expressed his pride in Chrome Valley Customs’ achievements in a LinkedIn post, saying, “Super proud of two big milestones this week for Chrome Valley Customs: 1) raced past $10m lifetime revenue 2) top grossing car game globally… Less than two months in and CVC is officially our biggest launch in 11 years!!”

Engaging Gameplay and Exciting Features

Chrome Valley Customs offers a captivating gameplay experience, where players join a garage crew to restore, customize, and trade vintage vehicles, all while solving match-3 puzzles. The game is free-to-play but includes in-app purchases, as well as a Chrome Pass that unlocks bonus rewards.

Even during its soft launch, Chrome Valley Customs showed promising results, ranking among the top 100 grossing games in the US as early as July.