Where to find Sealant in Starfield

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Where to Find Sealant in Starfield

While Starfield offers thrilling space adventures, sometimes the smaller details make the game even more interesting. After all, it can’t be all about blasting ships and fighting off pirates. During your leisure hours, you’ll find yourself engaged in crafting and managing outposts. In those moments, having a sufficient amount of Sealant is crucial. This guide will help you locate Sealant in Starfield.

1. Purchase Sealant from Vendors

If you’re in urgent need of a small amount of Sealant, you can always purchase it from vendors. One notable vendor is Wen Tseng, who can be found at the UC Distribution building in the Commercial District of New Atlantis. She sells Sealant for 5 credits per canister. This is a convenient option when you have more credits than time to search for it elsewhere.

2. Search Outposts

Another way to find Sealant is by carefully exploring various outposts. During my own adventure, I stumbled upon Sealant inside a Civilian Outpost on Mars. Keep an eye out for it inside buildings, particularly on surfaces where food trays are present. Additionally, it’s worth checking outside among scattered parts and junk. Any canisters you come across could potentially contain Sealant. Make sure to have your scanner activated to make resource gathering easier as you explore different outposts.

3. Extract Sealant Components from Cold Cave Nettle Plants

Sealant components can also be obtained from Cold Cave Nettle plants, which are abundant on Procyon III. These plants are easily identifiable using your scanner, as their sap and stalk bits are quite common. Ensure that you don’t overlook these valuable resources, even if you’re worried about becoming encumbered. If you need help managing encumbrance, our guide provides useful tips. Don’t let this condition hinder your resource gathering efforts.

Starfield can be purchased on Steam and the Microsoft Store.