Bethesda On Starfield’s Big, Empty Planets: Not Every Location “Is Supposed To Be Disney World”

The galaxy is a vast and expansive place in the highly anticipated game Starfield. With an abundance of planets to explore, players are in for an ambitious cosmological adventure. While Starfield has already garnered an impressive following, with over 230,000 players on Steam alone during the early access phase, some are discovering that not all planets are created equal in this game. This design choice is intentional, as Bethesda Game Studios aimed to create a realistic representation of the universe and humanity’s place within it.

Bethesda’s managing director, Ashley Cheng, explains that the inclusion of more barren planets in Starfield was a deliberate decision to strike a balance between enjoyment and authenticity. Not every planet is meant to be a bustling tourist attraction like Disney World. Instead, the desolate worlds serve to emphasize the vastness of space and help players feel small in comparison to this infinite expanse. Cheng stated in an interview with the New York Times, “The point of the vastness of space is you should feel small. It should feel overwhelming. Everyone’s concerned that empty planets are going to be boring. But when the astronauts went to the moon, there was nothing there. They certainly weren’t bored.”

Despite the existence of desolate planets, Starfield offers a variety of experiences. Many planets are teeming with life and offer exciting missions and activities for players to engage in. GameSpot’s Starfield guides hub provides detailed information on these populated planets and how to make the most of your time there. Additionally, players have the opportunity to visit Earth within the game, albeit in a state of decline.

Starfield has garnered praise for its immense scale and immersive gameplay mechanics. However, as reviewer Michael Higham noted, the game’s grand ideas can sometimes be undermined by narrative and technical aspects. This realization may temper players’ expectations and remind them of the complexities involved in creating such a vast cosmic voyage.

Overall, Starfield is a captivating game that offers players a true sense of the grandeur and scale of the universe. It is a reminder of humanity’s place in the cosmos and the awe-inspiring nature of space exploration.