All Executive Assistant Application Answers in Starfield Red Tape Blues Quest

The mission Red Tape Blues in the game Starfield requires players to assist Trevor in obtaining a request for new equipment from the Deimos mining executive. To help you navigate through the recruitment process, we have compiled all the answers for the Executive Assistant application. These answers will ensure a smooth procedure and increase your chances of success.

Starfield Red Tape Blues Quest Answers

After applying for the position of Executive Assistant at the Deimos Sales Terminal in Starfield, you will be presented with a questionnaire. The specific answers you choose do not have a significant impact on the outcome. However, selecting the recommended answers will help you pass the test with flying colors. We suggest the following order of answers:

  • Over 10 years.
  • Master’s Degree.
  • About 43 ml shot of whiskey, served in a glass at room temp.
  • Offer drinks. Apologize, assure that the exec will return soon.
  • Use the company credits to immediately charter an expensive luxury craft.
  • Take the info to the board of directors so they can handle it.
  • Immediately go to their office to take care of them until they sober up.

While other answers may still work, this particular combination resulted in the best outcome as the preferred candidate for the position. After completing the questionnaire, you must speak to Trevor Petyarre, who will instruct you to delete the other applications on the HR computer. Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Delete All Other Candidate Applications.’ In your own file, you should find a note confirming your Top Candidate status.

Once you speak to Peter during the Red Tape Runaround, he will commend your application and ask you to find a shipment for him (this happens regardless of your questionnaire performance). You can then progress further and speak to Governor Hurst, where you have the opportunity to earn additional Credits.

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