Get Under Cover With Pixel Noir-Punk Platformer ‘Gunbrella’ Later This Month

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Retro-style action-adventure Gunbrella, developed by dionksoft, the team behind Gato Roboto, is set to make its debut on the Nintendo Switch on September 13th.

Publisher Devolver Digital has announced the release date with an exciting new trailer that showcases the skilled gunbrella-wielding protagonist and their unique weapon.

The game was first unveiled during an Indie World presentation last year, building anticipation for the action-packed bullet brolly adventure that awaits. In Gunbrella, you embark on a revenge-fueled mission in a world facing a dire situation. The depletion of a crucial natural resource puts everyone at risk, and your quest for vengeance intertwines with the shady activities of unsettling organizations and peculiar creatures.

A Unique Action-Adventure

Gunbrella offers a thrilling side-scrolling action experience that showcases the Gunbrella’s exceptional maneuverability and close-quarters combat capabilities. This versatile weapon is more than just a means of attack – it allows you to glide, swing, dash, and dive through the world, uncovering secrets that once seemed unattainable.

Uncover Mysteries and Engage in Combat

Explore a diverse array of unconventional locations, from a small town plagued by cult kidnappings to a fortified junkyard ruled by a ruthless trash gang. Along your quest for answers, interact with peculiar characters and take note of your findings in a trusty notebook. It’s essential to retrace your steps and leave no stone unturned in this intriguing journey.

Upgrade Your Arsenal

As you delve deeper into the game’s world and summon increasingly terrifying supernatural agents, you’ll need every advantage you can get. Collect scrap and spare parts to trade for various munitions and upgrades, enhancing your formidable arsenal.

Gunbrella will be available on the Switch eShop on September 13th for $14.99. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating storm when Gunbrella launches. Share your thoughts in the comments below.