All ancient artifact locations for ‘Does Not Compute’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The quest ‘Does Not Compute’ in Disney Dreamlight: A Rift in Time requires players to locate ancient artifacts for EVE. This comprehensive guide will detail the exact locations of each artifact, such as the Slate, Dictionary, Processor Blueprint, Processor Crystal, and Power Sphere.

How to locate all ‘Does Not Compute’ ancient artifact quest items in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Image: PC Invasion

All the items necessary to finish ‘Does Not Compute’ in Disney Dreamlight Valley are scattered throughout Eternity Isle. Refer to our helpful map above to pinpoint the locations of each ancient artifact and the corresponding tool required for retrieval. If you’re having trouble, continue reading for detailed explanations of each hiding spot.

How to uncover the Ancient Slate

  • Ancient Slate Screenshot Location Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Ancient Slate Map Location Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Ancient Slate can be acquired by fishing in an orange spot located on the hidden beach within The Ruins. Access this area by descending the tunnelled steps, the same place where you arranged EVE and Wall-E’s date during her friendship quest.

How to locate the Ancient Dictionary

  • Ancient Dictionary Blueprint Location Screenshot Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Ancient Dictionary Map Location Disney Dreamlight Valley Ddv

The Ancient Dictionary can be uncovered by mining a large rock within Gaston’s camp in Glittering Dunes. To access Gaston’s camp, located next to the quicksand fishing area in The Plains, venture through the tunnel.