KallaX is a multiplayer furniture building Ikea enthusiast’s dream

Introducing KallaX: The Co-op Game Where You Build Furniture in Space

They say that visiting Ikea and building flatpack furniture is one of the greatest tests of any relationship. Now that experience has been adapted into video game form. The aptly named KallaX, developed by French indie studio Unexpected, is a new co-op game that sees 2 – 6 players building furniture together – in space, no less.

KallaX – Release date trailer!

The Kallax line, for the unfamiliar, is one of Ikea’s most popular products: those square backless shelving units that seemingly every Twitch streamer owns to display their best gaming memorabilia, flashy lights, and cuddly toys. I should know: I’m sat in front of one right now. It’s where I keep my Wiglett.

In KallaX, however, players will test their teamwork as cute aliens constructing furniture in increasingly whacky space-themed arenas. Think Overcooked but it won’t make you hungry.

You’ll need to dutifully read the instructions, gather together parts and carefully assemble them. And if anyone is particularly unhelpful, just boot them out into the cold vacuum of space. Thanks for nothing.

“We are really happy to give the community that supported us a new multiplayer game they can play together,” said Unexpected Studio. “We really wanted to share something fun you can enjoy even far away from loved ones! We are very excited to release the game.”

I honestly have a real love for Ikea: not just the cheap meatballs, but the thrill of carrying back a box of wood ready to slot together like adult Lego. Now I can do that virtually while shouting at friends. Excellent.

KallaX is set for release on 18th September on PC via Steam.